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There’s so much more to sex toys today than there was a few decades ago. With high-tech becoming a staple in all our lives, it’s no wonder that the sex toy industry is booming with technological innovation.

We’re inching closer and closer to that famous sex scene from the movie The Demolition Man, where Sandra Bullock and Silvester Stalone have virtual reality sex. This scene was science fiction back in the ‘90s when the movie came out, and it blew people’s minds. Today, however, we can almost recreate it thanks to VR sex toys.

VR Sex Machines

When we think about VR sex machines, we usually think about virtual reality sex robots or something similar. But what are VR sex machines exactly?

VR sex machines are similar to regular sex machines, except that you have the option to relinquish control. With regular machines, you’re the one who is controlling the speed, depth, and pulsation or vibration of the machine. You can also give the controls to a partner, but aside from that, another person can’t actively participate.

Things are somewhat different on that end with VR sex machines. You can hook virtual sex machines to a computer, thus linking several of them together. That opens up new avenues of sexploration. It allows you to virtually have sex with another person who would control the various factors of intercourse (just like in real life). We can see those of you in long-distance relationships perking up! Yes, VR sex machines are a great way to give your phone a break and actually have sex with your partner.

Why Have Sex In VR?

Some might be wondering why even bother with a sex machine. Why not just go out and find someone to have sex with?

Well, things aren’t always that easy in life, are they? What’s more, the same can be said for any sex toy. We can all go out and have sex. Sure, some of us can score easier than others, but we can all get some. So why bother with VR sex toys?

It’s Exciting

Experiencing new things is the greatest thing that life has to offer. Having virtual reality sex is one of the things that should definitely be experienced. We’re not saying it can replace the real deal. But being completely immersed in a virtual session with another person, feeling the stimulation they control and adjust according to their desires and needs, all the while sitting comfortably in your own home is exciting.

Furthermore, the VR machines let you get out of your skin, out of your little world, and out of routine. You can be someone else, have sex with someone else, be daring and adventurous without actually risking safety or dignity.

Virtual reality brings sexual gratification for people with intimacy issues as well.

Sharing is Caring

Relinquishing control means experiencing what the other person likes. Just like in face-to-face sex, virtual reality sex machines that can be linked together allow your partner to take control and show you what they like. Imagine going on a sexual bender with your partner via a VR sex machine and learning all their likes and dislikes. Sounds great, right?

Get Out of a Rut

As we mentioned, these devices are great for long-distance relationships. Sure, they are a significant investment, but they are the closest that you’ll get to actually having sex with a partner that’s several hundred or thousand miles away.

But, every couple can benefit, no matter the distance. Maybe there’s something particularly daring that you’d like to try in bed or something that you’re sure you can’t pull off (not all of us are as limber as we’d like to be). You can still do it thanks to the VR sex machine.

VR Sex Machines and Porn

What’s better than porn? Having sex, of course. Watching porn allows us to indulge in our deepest fantasies. But you’ll agree that watching someone play out your dirtiest thoughts isn’t the same as participating. That’s where VR headsets come in. They bridge the deep gap between porn and sex (at least a bit). VR sex machines take things a step further, allowing you to both watch and feel something other than your hand for a change.

How many times have you wanted to jump into a porn scene and take charge? Having sex and watching porn in the virtual world allows the next best thing. Although they have their limitations, VR sex machines are still more versatile when it comes to pleasure than simple porn watching.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, porn that’s made to enjoy with a VR set and a sex machine is intuitive and highly realistic. There are programs, videos, and scenarios that are so real, you’ll feel like you’re definitely having sex with someone.

What’s more, various attachments and accessories for VR sex machines can further deepen the realistic feel. Penetrating the sex machine, or having it penetrate you while you grab realistic silicone boobs (or an entire sex doll) sounds excellent. Add the visual show to it, and you have yourself a well-spent afternoon!

Websites That Support VR Sex Machines

With your interest substantially peaked (and your member at half-mast, we’re guessing), you’re probably wondering what you need to get your hands on. Well, a VR sex machine is a must, of course. But you’ll also need access to various programs and videos as well as partners that want to take the same ride as you do (in case you don’t have one).

Luckily, there are plenty of websites out there that have VR-friendly videos. By tuning in, you allow the machine you are using to mimic what the person in the video is doing. That way, your brain is tricked into thinking that everything is real. Of course, it’s just for a few (glorious) moments.

Sex toy companies are always working on making more accessible sex machines and VR videos with programs that will make the entire experience as realistic as possible. Right now, you can hook your device up to your computer and take your pick among virtual reality porn sites such as XVirtual, VRBangers, Virtual Taboo, and of course, Porn Hub VR (among others).

However, you can also visit websites that will connect you to other VR sex toy users. If you’re interested in partnered play but don’t have a partner who has another sex machine (or a partner at all), the internet has the solution (as usual). Websites like Chaturbate will connect you with like-minded people looking for a good time.

A Few Parting Words

Having sex with beautiful busty models that are way out of your league while having no game or skills seems like a fantasy. And it is, but it can also be a kind of reality. We’re inching closer to making sex with whoever we want a (virtual) reality. And although we’re not there yet, we can still enjoy what we have.

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