Sex Machines

Virtual Reality Sex Machines - The Future Is Now

There’s so much more to sex toys today than there was a few decades ago. With high-tech becoming a staple in all our lives, it’s no wonder that the sex toy industry is booming with technological innovation.

We’re inching closer and closer to that famous sex scene from the movie The Demolition Man, where Sandra Bullock and Silvester Stalone have virtual reality sex. This scene was science fiction back in the ‘90s when the movie came out, and it blew people’s minds. Today, however, we can almost recreate it thanks to VR sex toys.

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The Sybian Sex Machine - What Is It? And Why Do Women Love It?

Does anyone remember that one weird flick with Maggie Gyllenhaal, smartly titled “Hysteria?” It appears that we’re pretty much alone with this 2011 biographical comedy, as most people seem to have overlooked it.

Well, there are different opinions on the film, but we’re not here to review it. This article is somewhat only connected in parts to the movie’s synopsis. Hang in there.

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Renting A Sex Machine - A Genius or Crazy Move?

In the era of millennials, everything is for rent. While we’re pining and moping around because we can’t afford the houses the generations before us easily bought on a one-salary income (thanks, Boomers!), renting seems to be the answer to many problems, not just housing.

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Homemade DIY Sex Machines: Enhance Your Toolbox

Have you ever used a drill to make a hole in a wall, and it made you think of something else? Or, perhaps, your partner was passing by and made a sneaky comment about thrust on that thing. Not many people open their toolbox or go to their shed and see the full potential hiding in it. Obviously, going for a rake or a shovel is a bit excessive, but a saw can make for a great DIY sex machine. It can also help with your stamina as you can just sit back and give your wife a ride via a button. On top of that, if you’re inventive, a DIY fuck machine can spice up your workout routine just like Mac’s Ass Pounder 4000!

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