The History of Sex Machines: All About Our Basic Instincts

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Human beings are driven by two instincts — survival and reproduction. That is what controls and motivates both men and women. So, when humans do not fight for their lives or produce offspring, they like to play with, enjoy, and explore their intimate parts and sexuality. Therefore, we have invented a plethora of sex toys and gadgets to artificially induce sexual pleasure without engaging in intercourse with another human being.

Keep Your Hysteria in Check — Try a Steam-Powered Vibrator

It may sound surprising that the first mechanical sex device had been invented in 1869. Dr. George Taylor created it to treat hysteria in women. He believed that this medical condition was being caused by the retention of female semen that would infect women’s blood. Therefore, all the husbandless women had to be subjected to vagina stimulation to release this harmful semen and cure their hysteria.

The manufacturers of this intricate device did not pay much attention to its design. What’s more, the technology was not as advanced one hundred and fifty years ago. Because of that, the sex machine used to look like a torture device and occupied an entire room.

In short, this is a horror story about how a steam-powered vibrator came to be.

Sex Machines — A Walk Down Memory Lane

There had been a lot of kinkiness in play before the aforementioned first mechanic vibrator appeared. You should know that sex machine prototypes go way back historically.

The Ancient Sex Toys

Allegedly, modern vibrators have their primitive predecessors dating from two thousand years ago. We are talking about a dildo made of bronze with a ring. It was discovered in an aristocrat’s tomb in Yizheng, China. Unfortunately, scientists could not prove whether this artifact was indeed a device used for sexual pleasure.

Similarly, around the same time, a butt plug was found in the king’s tomb near Shanghai. Archaeologists claim that this dildo-shaped object, made of jade and bronze, served as a tool for closing corpses’ orifices. That would deny its usage as a sex toy.

Ancient Greece used to be a place where sexual liberties were all the rage. Although the Greeks did not open the first sex shops, they did have creative and imaginative sex lives.

They went the extra mile and repurposed bread by fashioning it into bread dildos. They surely did put the kappa in “kinky.” At least, that is what we find out from Vicki Leon, author of “The Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love & Longing in the Ancient World.”

Sex Toys That Paved the Way to Modern Vibrators

Let us now move forward and see what the sex industry had in store after the steam-powered vibrator. The 1880’s saw the invention of the Macaura's Pulsocon Hand Vibrator. Successfully sold throughout the 1900s, it gave pleasure to many women. It could provide five thousand vibrations per minute, and it wasn’t a definition of user-friendly. Also, they marketed it as a medical appliance.

The 1920s brought us a new sex toy — The Blood Circulator. This handy device came with a nifty add-on feature. After placing it directly on your body, you could manually adjust the speed of vibrations to your liking.

Eight years after this advanced machine came the Polar Club Electric Vibrator. You could tell that the creators put extra work into the design. It had a green handle and an attractive box. The packaging showed a woman applying the device on her neck. Yeah, that’s right. Interestingly, this vibrator used electricity and offered a coarse-textured surface to treat your “neck sores” more efficiently.

The Gimmicks Continue

The ‘30s brought the Andis Vibrator. This was the first in a line of similar beauty products meant for male usage as well. Supposedly, people were meant to use it to ease the blood circulation in the face, scalp, and other body parts — if you know what I mean.

During the same decade, the Rolling Pin Heat Massager appeared on the market. Together with vibrations, it generated heat, providing a soothing massage to your aching body. This massager used to be large. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that women used it for clitoris stimulation.

The Hollywood Vibra-Tone came to be in the decade that followed. The manufacturers masked its kinky usage by claiming that it was a weight-loss machine. If you, by chance, came across this device in a hotel bathroom, it would not look suspicious. It was too bulky to be a sex device.

A gadget similar to the aforementioned one was the Oster Stim-U-Lax for Barbers. You would strap this device onto the back of your hand to produce vibrations on the scalp of your customers. But, soon after it had appeared on the market, many started using it as a sex toy.

A More Relaxed Era

The Hitachi Magic Wand emerged in the colorful seventies. Like its predecessors, Japanese manufacturers marketed it as a massager. Furthermore, this device produced strong vibrations, and you could manipulate it by maneuvering its long handle.

But, it was soon after its debut on the American market that many saw its sex-aid potential. Betty Dodson, the American sex educator, unearthed its pleasure-giving amenity. What’s more, she constantly focused on to speaking openly about the usage of sex aids in the mainstream media.

Thanks to people like Betty, in this day and age, people do not have to pretend that they are not pleasuring themselves by using vibrators. We could say that she put an end to vibrator-shaming. What an icon!

Vibrators of Today

Nowadays, you can freely buy a vibrator at a local sex shop without having to pretend that you are purchasing a massager. Also, you do not have to act as if you have fallen into a fit of hysteria either! How amazing is that?

Also, the vibrator manufacturers have come a long way from bulky, metal, uncomfortable designs. Today, the designers have made many enhancements in plastics and shaping these sex aids to upgrade your autoerotic experience.

Human Sexuality on Full Display

If you want to see some of these sex machines yourself, you should visit Prague’s Sex Machines Museum. It is the perfect place for those who are curious about the historical development of sex devices.

This one of-a-kind museum is placed on the surface of 600 square meters. On its three floors there is a wide range of sex devices, sex toys, and pleasure-inducing amenities. Also, erotic movies are being played on wall screens at all times during your visit.

This vast collection of sex props in and machines was started by Orriano Bizzocchi. All the exhibitions are carefully devised to be provocative and awaken the visitor's curiosity.

The Sex Machines Museum is one of a kind: it shows collections of erotic objects form all around the globe. In fact, walking its hallways is like exploring the hidden parts of human sexuality and perversion. It will leave you speechless, awestruck, and bewildered by its fantastic exhibitions.

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