Collar Fetishes and Animal Roleplay

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A collar can form an important part of a pet play relationship. Not only do they help complete the look, they can also have a much deeper meaning.

Collars are also an important symbol amongst the BDSM community, with different colors and kinds of collars carrying different meanings.

Sometimes collars can even be a fetish of their own!

So let’s dive deeper, and take a closer look at these unique accessories.

BDSM and Collars

In BDSM based relationships, collars hold a special significance. The majority of the time, the collar will be given by the dominant partner, to the submissive partner.

This is a symbol to the couple of the commitment they made to each other, but also a symbol to anyone else that this submissive has a master. It also symbolises the ownership the dominant partner has.

Beyond this meaning though, collars can become complex, and there are often disagreements about their meaning. For example, some communities believe the collar is physically significant, with different colors carrying different meanings. Others support the idea that the collar should become more elaborate as it becomes more significant.

Another area of debate is when the collar should be worn. Some communities believe it simply symbolises that someone is already in a relationship, and when they become available again they will take the collar off. Others believe that donning a collar is a much more serious commitment, and much like a wedding ring, should only be worn when committing to someone for the rest of your life.

Whatever the significance, it can’t be denied that collars are extremely important to those in BDSM relationships.

Petplay and Collars

Petplay is another ideal opportunity to make use of collars.

Alongside cats and dogs, which normally wear collars anyway, it’s still reasonable to use them if you’re into most other kinds of pet play. Bunnies, foxes, even wolves can wear collars. The only animal where it really isn’t an ideal option is pony play.

These collars are naturally meant to symbolise the ownership the master has over his pet. At the same time though, they can also be a symbol of the roleplayers new identity, particularly if it’s a collar with a name tag.

Again, some of the significance of BDSM collaring can still apply during petplay, so make sure that you and your partner are on the same page before donning a collar of your own!

Collar Fetishes

Unlike other scenarios where collars are commonly used, collar fetishes are much more simple. A fetish is simply finding something sexually attractive.

Many people might wear collars simply because they like them, or they feel it makes them more attractive, although this typically tends to be women more than men.

If you find collars attractive, you’re probably going to like seeing your partner wearing them too! These accessories can stay on during sex after all other clothes have been removed, really helping get you in the mood.

Couples who enjoy collar fetishes might not use them all the time, but bringing them out for a special treat can help keep your sex life varied and interesting.

Electro-Stimulation With Collars

If you’re looking to take your collar use to the max, then you might be interested in trying out electro-stimulation collars, or shock collars. Many couples who have already explored different aspects of BDSM might be familiar with e-stim equipment.

However, there are a few key differences when it comes to shock collars. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you buy an erotic shock collar model rather than one designed for animals.

Animal shock collars are meant to penetrate the thick fur of the animal, so they provide very high intensity shocks. If these are used on the human body they can lead to burns, spasms or even nerve damage. Even if you know people who have been using these “professional” models for many years, all it takes is one slip up for something to go terribly wrong.

There are also many legal implications of shock collars, with some countries classifying them as weapons or requiring special licenses or permits to own or import them.

Finally, you need to make sure that the collar uses AC rather than DC currents. DC currents can cause harm to your cells even if you use the collar carefully.

If you follow all this advice though, a shock collar can be a great addition to your animal roleplay experience. Just as with real animals, they can provide great incentive for your animal sub to follow your instructions. If not, a little buzz will be sure to get them back in line!

Collar Materials

We’ve talked a lot about the different ways you can use collars in your animal roleplay scenarios, but we haven’t really talked much about the actual collars themselves! There are many different designs you can choose from, and each can have a different effect on your comfort and even what the collar symbolises.

The most basic form of collar will be the simple leather strap. These are usually fastened with a small buckle, just like a belt. Aside from which color you choose, there is nothing particularly extravagant about this style.

Lace or frilly fabric is the other basic style available. These are a little more elaborate than simple leather, and many people enjoy wearing them just because of how they look!

Once you move beyond basics though, there are so many different options available when choosing a collar.

You can try studded collars, which feature small metal studs arranged in different patterns around the collar. Generally when people see them, they tend to associate studded collars with more extravagant and kinkier sexual practises, so they can be a great way to send a message to others.

Some collars also come with bells, so you can always hear your animal companion coming. They might even have a lead attached already, so if you want to take your pet for a walk you can make the experience as realistic as possible. Leads are also great in the bedroom, as they give you something else to grip onto and control your partner’s movements!

Sometimes you might even want to try a collar which can hold many additional attachments. These usually feature lots of small metal loops around the collar, which are ideal for attaching extra things to. As your relationship becomes more and more serious, your collar can become more and more elaborate to reflect your new status.

So instead of putting a ring on it, why not celebrate the unique and kinky nature of your animal roleplay relationships by adopting a collar today!

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