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Most of the time when you think of a sex doll, the image of the silicone dolls with giant breasts and realistic looking body parts will be the first thing that comes to mind. Sex dolls aren’t just made of silicone or realistic materials though. Some people enjoy fabric-based sex dolls too!

What are Body Pillow Sex Dolls?

A body pillow, unlike a regular pillow, doesn’t just provide support for your head. Body pillows are generally as long as your entire mattress, and give you support for the entire body. The traditional style of body pillow isn’t designed as a sex toy. So how does a simple pillow turn into a sex doll?

There are a few different styles of body pillow sex dolls, ranging from simple having insertable toys placed around a regular cylinder-shaped cushion, right up to body shaped and coloured pillows complete with anatomically correct genitals. Which you use will depend on your budget, how discrete you want your pillow to be, and how realistic you want the experience to be.

Using Regular Body Pillows as Sex Dolls

The simplest solution to getting sexual gratification from your body pillows requires almost no work at all. Due to the size of these pillows, they are extremely easy to straddle just like you would a sexual partner. Then just hump away until you reach orgasm!

this method tends to be rather hit or miss, as some people will enjoy it lots, and others will just feel like they are humping a pillow. If you're looking for a little bit more from your body pillow you have a couple of options. Depending on how stuffed your pillow is, you might be able to fold it in half. If you can manage this, then a simple option is to place something soft between the two halves and humping the gap in between. Bonus points if you warm up your filling for a little bit of extra realism.

Some body pillows are very full though, so folding them in half isn’t really an option. With these pillows your only option is to buy an extra sex aid and place it inside the pillow for your sexual pleasure. Pocket pussies or vibrators are ideal for this.

If you need an entry point for your penis then you’ll need to cut a small hole in the edge of the pillow and position your insertable appropriately. If using a vibrator though, you can simply unzip the pillowcase, drop the vibrator in (after you’ve turned it on of course), and then go to town.

Printed Body Pillows

A growing trend starting in Japan is the dakimakura. These are your traditional body pillows, but rather than being plain or coloured, they are printed with your favourite (usually anime) characters. Dakimakura can be used in exactly the same way as regular body pillows but have the added bonus of some visual stimulation during your personal time.

For an even better experience, you can make small holes (or find a pillow designed for it) and combine it with your existing sex toys for some extra fun. Female characters can be outfitted with fleshlights or pocket pussies in anatomically correct positions, and male characters can be combined with a dildo ready to ride.

Some dakimakuras can even talk and the Japanese have been working on models which respond to your touches for some audio stimulation during your session. An added bonus of the dakimakura is you can simply put a pillowcase over it and it looks just like a regular body pillow, keeping your favourite character as your own little secret.

Fabric Sex Dolls

The final stage for the pillow enthusiast is to go all out with a standard sex doll. Rather than being made of TPE or silicone though, these sex dolls are made from fabric. This makes them much cuddlier in general, but also appeals to those who usually like to snuggle up with their pillow at bed time. Rather than snuggling a cylinder each night, you can enjoy cuddling an anatomically correct female or male body.

Fabric dolls come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect. Female models come with breasts, vaginas, and sometimes an anus. Male models will usually carry some kind of penis. Often the sexual parts of a fabric doll will be made of silicone, which gives them a little more realism during intercourse.

For those of you who aren’t ready to get a full anatomically correct doll, but still want a little more than a cylindrical pillow, there are still options. Many manufacturers have started creating semi complete pillow sex dolls. You could pick up a pair of breasts, a butt, a pair of legs with a penis or vagina, just a head, or even the bottom or top half of a torso. If you’re willing to look hard enough, you should be able to find exactly what you desire, and all will carry the same squishy cuddly features of a full-sized pillow!

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