Where Do Dildos Come From? An Insider's Look At How Our Favorite Toys Are Made

Odds are, when you're playing with your dildo, "where did this come from" is probably not the first question that pops into your head. But if you've never thought about it before, perhaps you should sometime.

Where was your favorite bedtime companion made? Was it produced in a mold before being sent down a factory line? Or was it sculpted and painted in-house by an artisan who makes only a handful of unique, one of a kind dildos every year?

Was it inspired by a porn star, or a fictional character, or a mythical creature, or was it perhaps merely the product of its artists imagination, having nothing in common with any past, present or future cock? What is your little - or not-so-little- friend's secret story?

Here at Lovegasm, we believe in educating our customers. And that means more than just sharing sex tips or providing in depth instructions for cleaning each and every toy in our catalog.

We're thrilled to provide fun to read, educational articles on everything from the history of the dildo to suggestions on how to hide your dildo if you live with roommates.

So today, we're here to present the latest in that series of "the things you never knew you needed to know about your dildo": a fascinating journey into the exciting - and rarely discussed - world of dildo manufacturing!

First Things First: Material Matters

Dildo making is not a uniform art. It may in fact be the case that every dildo in your collection was produced by a different maker or via a different method.

This is because the material from which the dildo is made plays a key role in determining the best manufacturing method - the one which is both time and cost efficient as well as resulting in the highest quality final product. In particular, if you own a glass or metal dildo, it was probably made in a way significantly different from anything in the rest of your collection.

Marvelous Molds

Nowadays, the most common method of dildo making is what is referred to as molding. Molding can be safely and efficiently used to make dildos not only from silicone - the current number one most popular material, according to several studies - but also foam, realistic CyberSkin, several varieties of plastic, and jelly-like elastomer and other similar compounds. Because of its flexibility and body-safe properties, a silicone dildo is often a crowd-favorite and it also feels more lifelike than other materials. But some enthusiasts prefer a more malleable toy like a soft jelly dildo which is more tender and pliable. It's all up to individual preferences.

As the name suggests, these dildos are produced in molds. They are mass produced, usually in factory like facilities based in areas such as California. (The outskirts of Hollywood actually play host to a startling majority of America's dildo-smiths - perhaps the Silicon Valley is due to be renamed the silicone valley sometime soon!)

However, that does not mean that these dildos are not individual works of art. Trained sculptors use clay or other firm, moldable substances to produce a "prototype" or "model" of each dildo that will be produced.

They spend a great deal of time considering the shape, size, and aesthetics of the dildo - every vein, ridge twist or knot is carefully and deliberately added to enhance the ultimate pleasurable experience of the dildo's eventual buyer. The big dildo, for instance, is sought after by those seeking a fuller, more intense experience, while a small and squishy dildo provides a gentler, more flexible feel and pressure.

While most dildos are the product of the artist's unique imagination, recently, more and more male porn stars and erotic models have consented to have molds made of their cocks so that fans can feel like they are taking their favorite actor to bed rather than merely making love to an anonymous penis. In these situations, the star will usually come in to the facility and have their junk extensively photographed, examined, and cast in plaster so that the final result will be as accurate as possible down to the last vein and hair.

From that prototype, a mold is constructed - often from silicone itself, as that is best suited to the vaguely cylindrical shape and detailed nature of dildo molds. Other, larger parts produced by molding - such as the bumpers on your car, for example, or perhaps even the sink in your home bathroom - are usually molded in lightweight metals such as aluminum.

However, these metals are nowadays largely considered too rigid and unyielding for the production of dildos, so silicone pulls double duty as both a manufacturing material and a molding one.

Once the mold has been made - and, of course, allowed to solidify - the manufacturing material (silicone, plastic, foam, etc.) is poured inside in liquid form. If the dildo in question has a multi-layer design - for example, a firm, rigid core surrounded by a lighter, fleshier-feeling skin - multiple materials may be used at this stage in the process.

Inside the mold, the dildo solidifies into its final form. What was merely a vat of featureless liquid is allowed to become something new and exciting, as the head and balls, veins and ridges, and all other design elements are created and locked into place.

This is often a bit of a time-consuming process, especially depending on the quality of the material being used.

Patience is worth it in the end though - after all, if the dildo is removed from the mold too early, it will be "floppy" and not nearly firm enough to be suitable for providing pleasure! And nobody wants a limp "little buddy" in bed with them, right? Absolutely right!

Once each dildo comes out of the mold, however, the process is still far from done. Unfortunately, silicone molding is not yet a perfect art, and many molded products come out with bits of loose silicone hanging off the edges.

Workers are therefore required to inspect each dildo produced to ensure that it is of sufficient quality and has not become warped or deformed in the mold. Hanging edges are carefully snipped off so that the dildo appears as close to the prototype it was designed from as humanly possible.

The smallest cracks and deformities are checked for and fixed immediately before the dildo is allowed to progress any further down the assembly line, as even tiny issues could potentially decrease the integrity of the dildo and cause it to have a much shorter lifespan.

Nowadays, all dildos are also inspected to ensure that they meet the required health and safety standards, and do not contain any toxic materials such as phthalates or other chemicals which could be potentially dangerous to human health. Typically, medical-grade silicone is used to ensure that each dildo which is produced will be as safe and gentle - not to mention easy to use and pleasurable to the touch! - as possible.

When the quality inspection has been completed, it's time for the dildo to move on to a series of skilled professionals who add those special little touches which every sex toy needs.

After all, if we simply sold plain, drab-colored dildos that looked just as they do when they come out of the mold, with no additional decorations or fun little add-ons, that wouldn't be very exciting now, would it? Dildos are painted, shaded, and decorated with carefully drawn veins or other aesthetic choices.

In addition, if the dildo is planned to feature pubic hair, this is typically sewn on either by hand or by machine depending on the size of the dildo.

Molded pubic hair is too hard and firm for comfort, while painted hairs do not provide any of that authentic feel, so sewn or woven synthetic fibers are typically the best option. Dildo manufacturers and factories typically employ a team of expert sewers who focus specifically on the pubic hair of each and every model they produce.

Finally, the last step is to secure the dildos in packaging, usually made from plastic, and box them up so that they will remain safe and secure as they travel around the country - or even the world - until they reach their "forever home".

While most dildos are extremely sturdy and do not break or tear easily, they are typically wrapped in plastic and cushioned with bubble wrap or packing peanuts to ensure that they remain perfectly intact when they reach their destination.

Additionally, most dildos are sent out in unmarked boxes or boxes which feature a false label to hide the fact that the package contains items of a sexual nature.

Here at Lovegasm, we are proud to employ this practice - typically referred to as "discreet shipping" - with each and every one of our orders. To learn more about Lovegasm's one of a kind discreet shipping guarantee, see our informational article found here.

Fabulous Forging & Beautiful Blowing

Unlike silicone, rubber, CyberSkin, and other similar materials, glass and stainless steel typically cannot be molded and mass produced. This is because they must be exposed to extremely high temperatures in order to set into the proper shape, and these temperatures are often not compatible with a silicone mold.

In addition, glass and stainless steel dildos are typically considered to be more "artsy" in nature, with the elegant uniqueness of their various designs being a major part of their appeal. Because of this, mass-produced glass and stainless steel dildos (or other "novelty" materials including but not limited to wood, ceramic, and clay) are typically considered to be less valuable and are not of much interest to collectors than more "one of a kind" designs.

Due to this, these dildos are typically not made in factories, but are instead produced either by individual artisans or by small groups of artisans working together.

Glass dildos are blown, much like other glass artwork products, resulting in a decorative, delicate but surprisingly strong piece which can pleasure your eyes as well as the most sensitive parts of the body.

As glassblowing is a technique which requires a great amount of practice and experience to master, many glass artisans practice for years and years before beginning to produce dildos, plugs or other sex toys which they consider worthy of sale.

Metal, which requires similar high amounts of heat to set properly, can be "forged" or "baked" in specific high-heat ovens, much in the same way that a blacksmith might produce a sword or a suit of armor or a sturdy metal tool.

The resulting stainless steel products are also extremely beautiful to the eye, brilliantly catching and reflecting the light while being surprisingly smooth, soft and perhaps even silky or velvety to the touch.

While not as colorful as glass, metal dildos can be made in a truly stunning variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for both beginners purchasing their first dildo and extreme enthusiasts looking for something to really stretch them out after "normal" sized toys become boring.

Because glass and metal dildos are more typically produced on an individual basis rather than being molded in a factory, it is significantly easier to purchase a personalized commission of a glass or metal dildo from the artisan of your choice.

This means that you can get dildos made to your exact specifics, the perfect size, shape, and color for you, featuring any extras or add-ons which you desire to make your sexual experience as perfect as possible.

The result is a beautiful piece of artwork which also serves as a monument to your specific, unique, beautiful, one of a kind sexual life!

Now that you've learned just how our amazing dildos are made, it's time to take a look at our extensive catalog and purchase one - or several! - for yourself. If you're not sure if a dildo is the right choice for you, Lovegasm is proud to offer a wide range of other products, including but not limited to pocket pussies, fleshlights, anal plugs, anal beads and hooks, and vibrators.

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