Hitachi Magic Wands: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a magic wand?

"Magic wand" refers to a specific type of vibrator. It has a long, usually cylindrical "handle" and a larger round ball on the end. The ball is powered by a motor and is capable of vibrating at various speeds. Magic wands are typically used by holding onto the handle while pressing the vibrating ball against various sensitive spots on your body. They are primarily designed for clitoral stimulation, and are popular among women all over the world.

Why is it called a magic wand?

The name "magic wand" comes from a combination of the toy's shape and its effectiveness. The shape is very similar to a traditional wand used by a witch or wizard, being long and thin and able to be held in the hand with a distinctive tip where the "magic happens". Plus, the way it feels is absolutely downright magical - there's no better feeling than those erotic vibrations running up and down your body as the magic wand does its work!

Is a magic wand the same thing as a Hitachi?

"Hitachi" is the name of a specific brand while "magic wand" refers to a particular style of vibrator, which can be produced by many different brands and sold under many different names. Hitachi is a Japanese company which manufactures a wide variety of goods, primarily electronics, and including several different types of sex toy. Their goods are popular all over the world, but the Hitachi Magic Wand has quickly become one of their signature products. It was actually originally sold as a massager / muscle relaxer before its use as a sex toy was realized and this purpose started being discussed (although Hitachi was initially less than pleased about this development.)

What other names are used for magic wands?

"Magic wand" was a name originated by advertising campaigns used by Hitachi, but it has grown to become the most popular name for this type of vibrator. However, the official name for this style is "wand vibrator". It has also become known as a "clitoral vibrator" "external vibrator" "Doxy" (after a product made by a British brand) and and "personal massager" due to its original purpose before being sold as a sex toy.

Are all dildos magic wands?

No. Some types of vibrating dildo, if they fit the correct shape, can be classified as magic wands. However, not all dildos are inherently magic wands. To be a wand vibrator, a toy must have the proper shape, be capable of vibrating and be primarily designed for external use. "Standard" penis-shaped dildos which do not vibrate cannot be considered magic wands.

Are all vibrators magic wands?

No, they are not. There are a huge variety of vibrator types available to purchase right here from our Lovegasm catalog. These include - but are not limited to! - egg, bullet, butterfly, tongue, rabbit, and more. A magic wand vibrator is classified based on shape and size. Some magic wands can feature elements of other types of vibrator, such as the clit stimulating "rabbit ears" of a rabbit vibrator or the wavy shape of the tongue vibrator.

What makes a magic wand special and different from other vibrators and dildos?

A magic wand is special because its shape makes it extremely easy to use. It features a "handle" that you can hold onto while you are pleasuring yourself. In addition, the vibrating "ball" is capable of vibrating at a huge range of speeds and intensities, meaning that this vibrator can always deliver the unique pleasurable experience which you desire at any time. Finally, they let you focus on your clit, the most sensitive area of your body, in a way that no other vibrator or dildo is capable of doing!

Why should I use a magic wand?

You should use a magic wand because doing so feels absolutely amazing! This one of a kind vibrator is specifically designed to maximize pleasure to all of the most sensitive areas of the female body. It targets the clitoris and all of its sensitive nerve endings, allowing you to have an absolutely explosive orgasm while experiencing all sorts of vibrations, from slow to rapid and gentle to intense.

How does using a magic wand feel?

Like absolutely nothing else in the world! Your clit will shiver and shake in pleasure as it receives targeted attention like it never has before. The pleasure is extremely intense and will cause your hips to tremble and your toes to curl. And of course, you'll be able to have an absolutely amazing orgasm as your magic wand helps you reach the heights of pleasure! The magic is absolutely real!

What is a rotating magic wand?

This is a special type of magic wand with a ball on the end that does not "merely" vibrate. Instead, it also rotates in circles, exposing your clit to a rough but pleasurable texture as it rubs against you at your preferred speed or intensity. It will provide a unique sensation that will differ significantly from "standard" vibrations. Fans of slightly rougher play will absolutely love the rotating magic wand vibrator.

What is a self-heating magic wand?

This is yet another fun little add-on that can make the experience of using a magic wand vibrator even more pleasurable for you. A small heater allows the magic wand to warm up while you are using it, and quickly approach a temperature similar to human skin. Gone are the days when your dildo or vibrator feels so cold against your vagina that you simply can't receive any pleasure. The added warmth will bring you to a quicker and even more pleasant orgasm than before! Stay warm and stay comfortable!

What is a combination rabbit and magic wand?

This unique vibrator retains the signature shape of the magic wand while also featuring an add-on in the form of "ears" usually found on a rabbit vibrator. These small, narrow "ears" add another option for further clitoral stimulation, as they are meant to press against the clitoris directly. They can give your clitoris some attention if you choose to use your magic wand vibrator internally, and can also give you some lighter stimulation if the vibrations become too intense or you simply want to tease yourself and prolong your orgasm.

What are the cutest magic wands?

We find all of the magic wand vibrators for sale here at Lovegasm to be downright adorable! However, if you are looking through the catalog for something "extra-cute," why not try a magic wand vibrator with an animal-shaped head? This adorable design replaces the vibrating "ball" on the end with something in a cuter shape, such as the head of a cat or other animal. This way, you can enjoy sexy stimulation and overwhelming pleasure while also feeling great about how you look, too!

Can you use a magic wand to stimulate your clitoris?

Absolutely! This is the primary use for which magic wand vibrators are recommended. The vibrating "ball" on the end is perfect for pressing and rubbing right up against that sensitive little area and sending every single nerve ending into a world of pleasure. Try rubbing quickly, slowly, gently, roughly and all sorts of variations to find out what you - and your clit - like best!

Can you put a magic wand inside your vagina?

Magic wands are generally recommended for external use only, due to their size, especially the larger size of the "ball" on the end. However, today, many sex toy companies - including Lovegasm! - sell "mini magic wands," which keep the distinctive shape but are significantly smaller and recommended for internal use. These mini-wands use the toy's length to their advantage by directly targeting the ultra-sensitive G-spot to bring you to an explosive orgasm.

Can you put a magic wand inside your anus?

Full-sized magic wands should never be used anally. They are considered to be far too large for proper anal use and can result in tearing or damage to the area if used improperly. Mini magic wands, which are specifically designed for internal use, may be able to be inserted anally - and perhaps even reach and stimulate the prostate while doing so. Just make sure to go slowly, use plenty of lube, and use your (or your partner's) fingers to stretch yourself out beforehand to make sure that everything goes well!

Should you use lube with your magic wand?

If you are inserting your magic wand into your vagina, whether or not to use lube will be a personal choice. Some women are content simply with the natural lubrication which their pussy produces, and do not feel the need to add any other lubrication in order to have a pleasurable sexual experience. However, other women find that a little bit of extra lube is exactly what they need to have the perfect orgasmic play session. If you are inserting your magic wand anally, you should ALWAYS use plenty of lube as the anus does not naturally produce lubrication of its own.

What kinds of lube can be used with the magic wand vibrator?

You can use several different kinds of lube with your magic wand vibrator. Either water-based or oil-based lubricants can work depending on your preference, with water-based lube being thinner and slicker while oil-based lube is thicker with a more "syrupy" texture. However, silicone-based lubes should be avoided if you are using a magic wand vibrator that features a silicone "skin" because silicone reacts poorly with itself and can cause the vibrator's quality to degrade much more quickly than it otherwise would.

Can you use a magic wand to masturbate?

Yes! Magic wands were originally used as a masturbation tool as soon as it was discovered that they could do much more than the "personal massage" and "tense muscle relief" which the Hitachi company advertised. Masturbation with a wand is where the "magic" happens - it gives you time to focus on your own body and get to know your clit and pussy a bit better. And did we mention the absolutely amazing, body-shaking orgasms?

Can you use a magic wand during sex?

Yes, you can! There are actually plenty of ways to incorporate a magic wand into your sex life with your partner. If you choose a mini-sized one, you partner can penetrate you with it. Meanwhile, the larger wands can be used by your partner to stimulate your clit while they are thrusting in and out of your ass or pussy. You can even try them on unique, often ignored sensitive areas such as your nipples or up and down your inner thighs!

Can you have an orgasm using a magic wand?

You bet you can! With so many vibration speeds available, almost all women will be able to find a way to use a magic wand vibrator to bring them to a body-shaking orgasm. Whether you prefer gentle rocking or intense thrusts and rotations, this special type of vibrator has what you need. With such intense focus directly on your clit, you may even find yourself cumming both sooner and harder than you ever have before!

Can you and your partner use magic wands on each other?

Yes! The Lovegasm catalog offers a number of "couples' sets" of matching magic wand vibrators. Purchasing one of these is a great opportunity to experiment in bed with using magic wands on one another. Stimulate each other's sensitive parts as a teasing form of foreplay or to add extra intensity to the "main event". You can both give each other the unique, personalized attention which a magic wand offers at the exact same time!

Can men enjoy using magic wands?

Although magic wands were initially designed to be used primarily by women, it turns out that men can enjoy playing around with them as well! The rotating "ball" which targets the clitoris can also be used to stimulate the extremely sensitive head of the penis or the balls. Try rubbing the end of your magic wand up and down the shaft of your cock, and figure out which areas feel best for you. Magic wands work for everyone - that's why matching couples' sets have become increasingly popular!

What are magic wands made of?

Most magic wands are made from a sturdy material, such as hard plastic, which is capable of keeping the vibrating motor safe and protected. This harder core is then covered with a soft, flexible "skin" made from a material such as rubber or silicone. This material is meant to mimic the feeling of real life human skin so that the vibrator feels comfortable against you while you are pleasuring yourself.

What are the benefits of silicone magic wands?

Silicone is beloved as a sex toy material because it is believed to be the closest alternative to real-life skin. It quickly warms up, rather than staying cold like unforgiving stainless steel or delicate glass. Plus, it feels extremely soft, with a lot of "give" to it. Your magic wand rubbing against your clit might just feel exactly like getting stimulated by your partner's fingers, tongue, or even hard, thick cock! And the fact that it's body-safe, easy to clean and highly resistant to bacteria and mold is just an additional plus!

Why are some magic wands curved?

Most magic wands have a very straight design, similar to the original model as produced by Hitachi. However, today, you may be able to find some uniquely curved models for sale in our Lovegasm catalog. These magic wand vibrators are not used specifically for clitoral stimulation on the outside, but are also intended for internal use as well. The curved design is specifically meant to target the G-spot, an area on the inner walls of the vagina which is also extremely pleasurable for women to have rubbed and stimulated.

What sizes do magic wands come in?

The "traditional" or "standard" magic wand comes in a fairly large size, with a handle that is designed to fit comfortably in the user's hand and a large "ball" on the end which is big enough to target the clitoris directly with intense, overwhelming vibrations. However, today, the market for magic wand vibrators has expanded greatly and they are now available in a surprisingly huge range of sizes. The most popular of these "new sizes" is the mini-magic wand, which retains its distinctive shape but can easily be hidden in a purse or pocket for easy transport during the day.

How long are magic wands?

Because of the standardization efforts by the Hitachi company when releasing their version of the magic wand, the "traditional" (aka larger) magic wands actually feature an extremely consistent length. A "traditional" magic wand will have a handle of 12 inches (or 30 centimeters) in length, while the vibrating ball on the end will add another 2.5 inches (aka 6.4 centimeters) to the total length. The attached charging cord is usually up to 6 feet (1.8m). This makes it among the larger sex toys sold at Lovegasm. Smaller "mini-wands" will be only a few inches in length so that they can be easily hidden.

How heavy are magic wands?

Once again, "standard" measurements are available to be presented thanks to the marketing efforts of Hitachi. A large magic wand - including all parts, the handle, vibrating ball, and cord - will weigh approximately 1.19 pounds (or 540 grams). This makes them slightly bulky as sex toys go. However, Lovegasm offers a number of smaller, more portable options weighing far less than a pound which can easily be carried around.

What colors do magic wands come in?

Like many other toys sold by Lovegasm, the magic wand is available in a variety of erotic, eye-catching colors to enhance your sexual experience. Data collected in 2019 reported that the most popular colors for magic wand vibrators were dark pink, light pink, and purple. These are considered typically "feminine" colors and are popular with women because they enhance the woman-focused nature of the vibrator. Other available colors include black, white, red, blue, and even mixed colors such as gradients and patterns!

How many speeds do magic wands have?

The "standard" Hitachi Magic Wand featured two speeds, known as "low vibration" and "high vibration" or "gentle" and "rough". However, modern versions of the magic wand are now designed specifically as sexual toys, rather than simply "personal massagers," and are therefore available with a much larger range of speeds and modes. Here at Lovegasm, the models available in our catalog boast everything from the original two up to an amazing 10-speed vibrator which represents the greatest advancements in magic wand technology!

Do magic wands make noise when they are being used?

The original Hitachi magic wand was in fact quite noisy, as it was designed as a massager and did not need to focus on being quiet at all. Today, a few of the larger magic wand models do make some amount of unavoidable noise whenever they are being used. However, like most other vibrating sex toys, modern magic wands are designed to be stealthy and make as little noise as possible, especially those which are small in size and are designed for subtlety and ease of transport.

How do you adjust the vibrations on your magic wand?

Most magic wands feature a series of buttons - usually between two and four - which are used to control the vibration settings. These buttons can be used to switch between modes as well as turning the vibrations on and off. Buttons are typically located on the long "handle" part of the magic wand vibrator so that they can be pressed mid-pleasure session without having to stop or re-adjust yourself.

Are there matching magic wand sets for couples?

Yes, there certainly are! These matching sets will usually be similar in shape and size but differ in color so that each partner will be able to keep track of their own vibrator. These sets are great for everything from mutual masturbation to foreplay to full-on sexual penetration. You can use the magic wands on yourself, on each other, or both on one person for extra stimulation and a truly overwhelming experience!

How do I recharge my magic wand?

The Hitachi Magic Wand featured a six-foot (just shy of two meter) cord which could be plugged into standard electrical outlets and charge the attached device over the period of several hours. Some modern magic wands feature this traditional cord and charging method. However, some people find the cord to be bulky - luckily, there are other options available! You can also purchase magic wands which are powered by batteries or chargeable via a USB port for a sleek "cordless" look!

How long can magic wands last before needing to be recharged?

The original Hitachi magic wand model was actually not particularly strong, and was notorious for lasting as little as 30 minutes - and only a single hour at absolute most - before needing a full recharge. Modern magic wands focus on efficiency as well as pleasure and an increased range of vibration speeds, and can last for several hours at a time before you need to stop and do some charging. You can edge yourself and delay your orgasm to your heart's content with the battery life of a Lovegasm magic wand vibrator!

What batteries do magic wands use?

Battery powered magic wands can use a large variety of batteries, depending on the size, power, and desired battery life. Some large models might use "standard" AA or AAA batteries, such as those found in a flashlight or other similarly sized device. However, smaller models such as the "mini magic wands" will use "watch batteries" AKA single cell batteries - small, circular silver batteries which are extremely easy to store and transport. These batteries can be purchased at electronic goods stores or wherever watches are sold.

Are magic wands waterproof?

The original Hitachi magic wand drew a lot of criticism from otherwise pleased women because it was not waterproof, making it difficult to clean and unable to be used in otherwise "relaxing" locations such as the shower or bathtub. Therefore, Lovegasm and other modern manufacturers of magic wands have taken care to use high-tech, waterproof materials such as silicone, rubber, and hard plastic. As long as you keep sensitive electrical areas - such as the plug and cord - out of the water, you can use your magic wand vibrator wherever you like, including the bath or shower!

How do I clean my magic wand?

A magic wand vibrator should be cleaned using a similar method to other silicone-based sex toys. It should be wiped down with a slightly damp rag (with warm water, NOT hot and especially not boiling) using gentle, unscented soap or lotion. This is because scented cleaning products should be kept away from the sensitive areas of the body such as the vagina or penis. Thoroughly dry your magic wand before using it again in the bedroom, and take extra care to make sure that all electric elements, such as the cord, are kept dry at all times.

How do I store my magic wand?

If you have a sex toy collection, then it is recommended to store your magic wand with your other toys. This will both keep it safe and allow you to remember at all times where your magic wand is so that it will always be on hand when you need it. Keep your storage area clean, dry, and as close to room temperature as possible to discourage the growth of mold or bacteria when your toys are not in use.

What do I do if my magic wand stops working?

Usually, this does not mean that a magic wand is permanently broken. It is probably simply a sign that you have neglected to replace the batteries or charge your magic wand vibrator properly. Give it a good charging session and leave it alone for several hours. If it still does not work properly, check the delicate areas - such as the cord and the places where the cord connects to the "body" of the vibrator, or where the batteries are inserted - for any damage or breakage. It may be time to check the Lovegasm catalog and replace your magic wand vibrator with a brand new model.

Are magic wands safe?

Yes, they are! Despite being a sex toy which was not originally intended for sexual use, magic wand vibrators are completely body safe and will not cause permanent damage in any way. They are made from gentle, body-safe materials such as silicone, and feature vibrations which can be completely controlled by the magic wand's user to avoid becoming too rough or painful. Magic wands are extremely safe because you are always in complete control at all times!

Do magic wands hurt?

If they are used properly, then magic wands should not cause you any pain during use. They feel pleasurable when stimulating the clitoris or rubbed against other sensitive parts of the body. Rather than pain, you will experience body-tingling sensations of pleasure. However, it is possible that you may experience pain if you attempt to use a magic wand vibrator in an incorrect manner. What do we mean by this? For example, it could hurt if you try to insert a too-large magic wand vibrator into your vagina or asshole, especially without using a sufficient amount of lube. Use your magic wand carefully and stick to recommended pleasure methods and procedures at all times.

When was the first magic wand made?

The first model of what would eventually be called the "magic wand vibrator" was actually designed as a "personal massager" marketed at women with the goal of relieving muscular tension in areas such as the shoulder or neck. It was created by the Japanese brand Hitachi in the year 1968, and quickly expanded into international markets. The sexual uses of the magic wand were quickly discovered, and were advertised as such during the growing "sex positive movement" of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

How is a magic wand powered?

The magic wand uses alternating current (AC) to power its rotations and vibrations. It typically requires 110 volts of alternating current to power it properly, although today's smaller "mini magic wand" vibrations may use a lesser amount. The original (two-speed) magic wand featured 85 Hertz and 101 Hertz vibration patterns, although modern magic wands are typically much more high-powered and feature a much wider range of speeds both higher and lower than the original model.

Why are magic wands so popular?

Magic wands gained rapid popularity because they were one of the first sex toys marketed specifically at women - and, even above and beyond that, focused specifically on externally pleasuring the clitoris rather than being designed for internal use. It quickly received attention because the clitoris was, at the time, often ignored in both sexual education and the sex toy market. Plus, the fact that it was marketed as a "personal massager" allowed women to purchase it discreetly without openly admitting that they are purchasing a sex toy.

What kind of people use magic wands?

Magic wands are used by all kinds of people all over the world, of course! It has become one of the most globally popular sex toys, especially in recent years as more varied and high-tech models are becoming available and are sold through companies such as Lovegasm. In particular, the magic wand has been openly endorsed by a number of sex educators, sex therapists, and celebrities, as well as appearing in several magazines describing how popular and effective this vibrator truly is.

How have magic wands appeared in pop culture?

The magic wand also became famous as it was one of the first sex toys to appear in a mainstream television show - specifically, the popular program Sex in the City. It appeared in a 2002 episode of the show, in which the character Samantha purchased one to use as a vibrator and got into an argument with a store clerk about whether it was meant to be used as a vibrator or a neck massager. In fact, this pop cultural appearance was so influential that stores all around the world sold out their stocks of magic wands almost immediately!

What awards and accolades has the magic wand received?

Since its first appearance in the late 1960s, the magic wand has received a huge amount of praise for its effectiveness as a vibrator and a tool for bringing pleasure to women. Nicknames it has received range from "the Rolls Royce of vibrators" to "the Cadillac of vibrators" to even "the mother of vibrators". It has received awards such as "most recommended vibrator" and even "greatest gadget of all time" by Mobile Magazine. Truly, the popularity and influence of the magic wand vibrator cannot be ignored or downplayed - it's brought so much pleasure to so many people all over the world!

Can magic wands still be used for their "original purpose" as a personal massager?

In fact, they can! Today, magic wand vibrators are much more known as sexual toys and masturbation aids rather than personal massagers. However, that doesn't mean that the vibration patterns aren’t still effective when it comes to relieving muscle cramps and tension, especially in areas such as the neck and shoulders. If you're feeling tense, take some time to experiment with your magic wand against your sore areas to see what amount of pressure and which vibration speed work best for you. You'll be feeling more relaxed in no time!

Are magic wands shipped discreetly?

Yes! All Lovegasm products are covered by our unique, customer-centered Discreet Shipping Policy. This means that the product will be sent to you in a plain, unmarked box and not outwardly labeled as a sex toy or personal pleasure device. In addition, the return address will not indicate that your item was shipped from a sex toy company such as Lovegasm.

Which is better, a Lovegasm magic wand or a Hitachi?

You might be surprised to learn that Hitachi still sells magic wands, now under the label "Original Magic Wands". The marketing emphasizes its original use as a personal massager, and it still retains some of its original flaws such as a short battery life and not being as waterproof or easy to transport as other modern models. This is why you should always choose Lovegasm over Hitachi. Our magic wands are specifically designed for pleasure, feature many vibration speeds and lots of sexy add-ons such as rabbit ears, and are waterproof as well as capable of lasting for several hours without needing to be recharged.

How long does a magic wand vibrator last before needing replaced?

How long your magic wand will last is primarily up to you and how well you care for it. If you clean it regularly, store it in a safe place, and take care to charge it or replace the batteries whenever needed, a magic wand can last you for several years without needing to be replaced. It is a sturdy toy with quite a long lifespan even among our other Lovegasm sex toys. However, if you do not take good care of your magic wand, you might find it degrading, cracking or breaking sooner than you hoped. In that case, it might be time to head over to our Lovegasm catalog and pick out a brand new magic wand vibrator - just make sure to take better care of it this time!

Does using a magic wand feel more like being penetrated or receiving oral sex?

While the pleasure associated with a magic wand vibrator is often referred to as "indescribable," it is generally considered to be a closer approximation to the sensation of cunnilingus (oral sex, or being pleasured by another person's tongue rubbing across your clit or pussy) than penetration. This is because of its focus on the clit and the rotations and vibrations being more similar to the "rolling" motions of a tongue than the "thrusting" or "pounding" motions of a penis or penis-shaped toy such as a dildo.

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