Disposable 25-Pcs Nipple Piercing Kit

Disposable 25-Pcs Nipple Piercing Kit

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You've always been good with your hands. And now that you have finally finished your training in nipple piercing, you are ready to try your skills and put this to the test.

But there is one thing that you don't have, a good set of piercing tools to help you jumpstart your adventure. If so, then the Disposable 25-Pcs Nipple Piercing Kit is perfect for what you need.

It is not easy to pierce, but you will have a blast practicing your craft with the right tools. This collection comes with disposable needle pliers, a triangular opening clamp, a one-time expansion clamp, a disposable ring clamp, seven sizes of puncture needles, and seven sets of nipple trinkets.

As stated above, the seven needles will allow you to experiment with different sizes at your convenience. Remember that the higher the gauge number is, the bigger it is. These are all made of quality steel materials that are safe to use.

The pliers and clamps are used to keep the area still while at work. Also, these are tools to place the tit rings at the right spot. Always double-check the procedure book or watch actual piercings before doing them. Remember that the breasts are sensitive to infection. You don't want to deal with severe complications like loss of sensation.

All these pieces of equipment are hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant. Safe to use, you will need to maintain their cleanliness to maintain hygiene. To do this, you can wipe the surface with a disinfectant. Also, keeping them in a shaded area is advisable. Exposure to high heat may cause deterioration of the materials, and you don't want that.

Have fun experimenting with your friends and family. Not only are you fulfilling your dreams, but you are also making the piercing fantasies of your customers come to life! Get this today!

Color Pliers/Clamps: Black, White, Clear, Orange
Jewelries: Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: 12G, 13G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 18G, 20G
Package Inclusion 1 X Disposable Needle Pliers
1 X Disposable Triangular Opening Clamp
1 X One-time Expansion Clamp
1 X Disposable Ring Clamp
7 X Puncture Needles
7 Pairs X Nipple Rings