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What makes a nice penis stand out? Some love a cock for its impressive size, how hard it feels when fully erect while somehow staying soft and smooth, or even just the man it's attached to. From the warmth they radiate to the blissful sensations you feel from one, they offer incredible sensations.

A Realistic dildo is designed to take all your favorite aspects of a real penis and make it readily available—without the usually obligatory wine and dine package included.

Molded from casts of your favorite pornstars or genetically blessed donors, realistic dildos have as much variety as you’d find in real life. As such, straight or curved designs are common, and sizes range from comfortable beginner dildos to bulging huge cocks . Ensuring a realistic feel with textured veins and testicles, their appearance also closely resembles a real penis with colors including black, white, brown, and everything in between.

Features like vibrations and ejaculation enhance pleasure without compromising realism, while clone-a-willy lets you create a realistic dildo from a real-life donor! Circumcised dildos with soft heads and frenulums, or uncircumcised dildos let you pick your preference. Choose from the softest body-safe materials like a medical-grade silicone or cyberskin dildo, both of which can be molded to resemble and feel like the real thing. Mimicking the soft, squishy exterior of erect penises while staying firm in the center, realistic dildos can provide the same gentle slap from their soft balls, as happens during sex.

Sometimes a realistic dildo has in-built heating functions, but if you crave warmth, run your dildo under warm water or stroke it with lube until warm.

Find your perfect pleasure partner with our range of realistic cocks

What are realistic dildos?
  • Molded from real penises from cast donors or pornstars
  • colors
  • As such some are straight and some curved
  • Mimic real cocks
  • Cyberskin
  • Realistic shape or realistic appearance

How do they feel?
  • Soft and squishy on the outside, firm in the center
  • Textured/veins
  • Balls slapping pussy
  • The head/circumcised/uncircumcised
  • Retain heat/warm up with water/hands