Silicone Anal Beads

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So you want to open it wider to receive bigger surprises in the future. We heard you loud and clear, that is why we have come up with a vast collection of silicone anal beads. Browse through, and get ready to be amazed. We are sure you will be adding more than a dozen to your cart, as making a choice will be hard. But don’t worry; the items in this collection are fairly priced, so a dozen or more won’t leave you breaking the bank.

When you hear beads, you will most likely associate them with spheres, balls, or orbs. However, our collection boasts a myriad of shapes to titillate your backdoor and pique your interest. So yeah, we have ball-shaped beads, but we also have pill- and candy-shaped ones. And to break away from the traditional anal beads, we have also included cone-shaped, heart-shaped, and teardrop-shaped beads.

Some have soft surfaces while the rest are textured with spirals or ridges to give them additional flavor to satisfy your sensual palate. So whatever shape or design you are looking for, you will most likely find it in this colorful collection. Yes, they don’t just come in black or white; they also come in fancy, playful shades. Choose from simple and straightforward designs or go with vibrating anal beads. Some of those that vibrate come with remote controllers. And if you don’t want to spend on batteries every now and then, go for USB-rechargeable ones. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit your experience.

Anal play can be quite dangerous if you don’t use a specialized tool for it or if your tool is not well-made. Cords could accidentally break during a pull, and some of the beads could get lost inside, and it would only take professional help to retrieve them. Save yourself from this nightmare and embarrassment as all of the beads in this collection are well-made, and their cords or strings are strengthened and tested to endure frequent pulling. But here’s a tip: do not forcefully pull the beads out as doing so doesn’t only compromise the cord, but it’s also painful in the ass.

Did you know that the magical moment happens when you pull out the beads as you are about to orgasm or while you are at the peak? That’s true. And we want to make sure you won’t miss it, so we added pull rings, handles, and bases that allow you to retrieve the beads easily when the time is right. These essential parts are not only for bead extraction but also for your safety as they will prevent the entire anal toy from slipping inside.

All the anal beads in this collection are made of high-quality silicone. This material is skin-soft, flexible, and body-conforming. No wonder it is ideal for beginners. A lot of sex enthusiasts prefer silicone-made toys because they are hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and non-porous. Although silicone is a body-safe material, we still recommend a thorough cleaning and proper observation of hygiene. Steer clear of bacterial infection by washing your silicone anal beads with soap and warm water. Dry them well before stashing them away.

Have yourself the best anal treat! Add whichever you fancy, add it to your cart, and don’t forget to check out!

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