Tentacle Dildos

Experience what the creatures feel under the sea with a tentacle dildo!

We know those usual sea monster stories about a giant octopus wreaking havoc on a ship. There would also be familiar scenes such as the creature wrapping up its victim using its slimy tentacles and suction cups. If you're really that kinky, you'll start to wonder what each of those suction cups feels like. Well now, you can see for yourself with our collection of high quality tentacle dildo sex toys!

Many models of orgasmic tentacle dildo are made high-quality Pyrex or Borosilicate glass. These materials are commonly used to make other types of sex toys and are also the most recommended materials to use. The reason for that lies in their quality.

Not every glass material has all the properties to make it suitable to be turned into a sex toy. But we always make sure that ours have all that. As a matter of fact, we'll even tell you all the things to be considered when choosing the right one for you.

High-quality materials are crucial to having a safe and worry-free experience with sex toys. Not only are our materials high-quality, but they are also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. They don't include any harmful elements such as lead and BPA--which are the two main things that should never be found in any sex toy, mainly because you're going to shove it inside your body.

Want a slimy tentacle dildo experience? You can give that a quick fix when you apply your favorite lube! Thanks to their non-porous property, our products don't have any micro-pores around their shafts that liquid can easily seep in through. You're more than welcome to use these in your shower, tub, the pool, or any other wet conditions. Experience true joy with a slimy suction cup sensation!

When dealing with these types of materials, the possibilities are endless! Glass is a solid, hard, and robust material, so feel free to use any kind of lubricant that you want. Don't be shy in the amount; you can go for that full-blown slimy suction cup feeling by applying a lot--even oiling up your entire body for that slick and greasy feel!

Glass sex toys also introduce the advantage of implementing temperature play whilst having the time of your life. Since glass is a conducive material, you can easily change the temperature however you want. Simply submerge your toy in either hot or cold water for about a minute or two just to let it absorb the temperature. Thanks to their lifelike design and suction cups, they’ll be able to absorb temperature a lot better than you’d expect. Take it out once you're satisfied with the feel and get ready for additional stimulation!

But of course, the main feature lies in the design itself. We wouldn't be calling them a tentacle dildo if they didn't look as such. The shafts feature the long and curvy tentacles with tapered tips. This allows for easy insertion whilst increasing the intensity as the dong thickens. The curve gives you a bumpy ride while hitting all the sweet spots as it goes in further. Of course, there are suction cups. These are molded with the dildos, resulting in a textured finish that will intensify with every thrust.

Whether you're giving your partner full control or you're going solo, a tentacle dildo, complete with octopus like suction cups, will always leave you with an explosive orgasm every time.

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