Did Hitler Make Sex Dolls?

The origins of the sex doll aren’t entirely clear. There are stories from as early as the 1700s of sailors using a very basic device to satisfy their manly urges. “Dutch wives” might have got the job done, but they didn’t look anything like the sex dolls we have access to today. So, when did we start to design sex toys to look more realistic? One theory is that Hitler had a role to play in it.

The Nazi Soldier’s Problem

Mid-way through the war, the Nazis had occupied much of Europe. With so many soldiers scattered around the continent, there were many that were separated from their wives and partners. Many of the soldiers were also single men, and with so much fighting going on around them it seems only normal that they’d want to blow off some steam.

So where was a horny Nazi soldier to turn? Well in France in particular, the soldiers turned to the local population. In fact, during the Nazi occupation in the early forties, French brothels were thriving!

It’s debateable how willing the prostitutes were to serve their new masters, but they had little choice. Most of the high-end luxurious brothels were placed under direct military control. There were no such rules for individual prostitutes but as the Reichsmark was the only currency allowed they had little choice but to solicit business from the soldiers.

This freedom to pick up prostitutes easily and quickly wasn’t without its problems. Just like everything else during World War Two, condoms were in short supply. As a result, many, many soldiers and prostitutes contracted syphilis and other diseases.

The Third Reich’s Solution

Sexually transmitted diseases were such a big problem for the Nazis, it began to concern some of the more important officers. Heinrich Himmler decided that was enough was enough and came up with a plan to deal with his soldier’s sex drive once and for all. He decided that to stop soldiers fraternising with the enemy, the Nazis would develop a plastic woman free from diseases for them to take advantage of whenever the need arises.

Hitler greenlit the project, and Himmler set to work designing a “gynoid” (a smaller than life sized inflatable sex doll). He recruited great minds from around Germany, including Franz Tschakert and Dr Rudolf Chargeheimer. Tschakert had recently created the “Woman of Glass” which was an anatomically correct sculpture of a woman, so who better than him to help design a sex doll.

The team quickly realised that they were facing the same problem many sex doll companies today do. Why would someone want to have sex with a doll instead of a real person? Chargeheimer quickly realised the same solutions that manufacturers today have come up with. Their gynoid doll would need real feeling skin, a very real feeling vagina, and be able to be moved and positioned as the soldier saw fit.

Designing the Gynoid

Initially, the team needed to decide on what to make their doll out of. They considered dolls with working skeletons, but the extra weight would have been a problem for the soldiers to constantly carry. Eventually they chose an elastolin compound, which is similar to plastic used in children’s toys.

Unfortunately for Nazi men, their casting technology wasn’t quite up to today’s standards. Often limbs would come out looking strange, or the entire body would be hollow. This led them to their inflatable model.

Perhaps most strangely, the face they chose to give their doll was relatively plain and devoid of features. It did carry blonde hair and blue eyes, as you’d expect, but the rest of the face was left so the soldier could imagine their own loved one while using it. Overall, it sounds like the Nazi sex doll would have been a very strange one to look at.

Once they’d settled on the design, the group created a prototype to present to the rest of the Nazi’s. It’s said Himmler was so happy with the result that he ordered fifty there and then!

Did it Really Happen?

Of course, evidence for this whole tale is a little lacking. The museum where Tschakert worked and where most of the work on the project was done was heavily bombed during the war, so any evidence left there was destroyed. There were also never any of these sex dolls found on German soldiers, so they never became widespread at least.

Some believe that the soldiers refused to carry them, as they’d be embarrassed to be found with them. Others say that the project had its funding pulled because the war had started to go pretty badly for the Nazis. Maybe it didn’t even happen at all!

Who knows, maybe the Nazis really were the forefathers of modern sex dolls? We’ll never truly know the answer, but it’s a fun little story to think about!

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