Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder
Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder
Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder
Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder
Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder

Great! You want to buy two yoni eggs but hold up...do you know where you will place them? Surely, you wouldn't want to keep these beautiful stones in your cabinet. You want to display them in an area where people can see them.

There's good news for you! You can put these lovely yoni eggs at the altar and let your guests admire their beauty. You just have to get our Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder. This wooden handle can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any area not only because of the yoni eggs but also because of the appearance of the holder.

Our Yoni Eggs Holder is made from Spanish Cedar. This material has a pinkish brown color but turns into red or dark red upon exposure; hence, the color of the handle. This wood is durable but lightweight so that it can carry any type, size, and weight of the egg.

Our Wooden Holder for Yoni Eggs is expertly handcrafted. This intricately designed handle makes your display eye-catching. Additionally, this holder is small. It's just as big as the size of a palm, making it easier to display on narrow areas. Nonetheless, the circumference of the handle is broad enough to hold all sorts of yoni eggs. Our Wooden Love Egg Holder is available in two sizes. One is 0.85-inch long and 1.57-inch wide. This size is enough to carry large and extra large yoni eggs. Meanwhile, the other one has a length of 0.50 inch and a diameter of 1.14 inches. This is ample enough to hold medium- and small-sized yoni eggs. Choose a holder that fits perfectly on your stone.

So, why keep your yoni egg in the drawer when you can display it using our Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder? Get one now and let everyone be dazzled by the beauty of your display!

Color Red
Stone/Crystals Wood
Size (inches) Medium: 0.50*1.15 in.
Large: 0.85*1.57 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits N/A


Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder

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