Wireless Vibrating L-Shaped Prostate Massager

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If you want to experience a different anal stimulation experience, then make sure to get the help of our amazing Wireless Vibrating L-Shaped Prostate Massager.

Some may think that the material does not matter, but it contributes a lot in terms of texture. This sex toy is made of medical-grade silicone, so it's soft and stretchable. Silicone perfectly complements your favorite water-based lubricant as it becomes slippery enough for a hassle-free penetration. It also means that you won't experience any toxic smell or taste that could alter your sexual experience.

This L-Shaped Prostate Massager has a length of 4.7 inches with a girth of 1.28 inches starting from the tip. The base handle has a length of 3.63 inches that also serves as a stopper when you have inserted it all the way through. Its dimensions are perfect to give you a pleasurable experience whether you enjoy anal stimulation alone or with a partner.

Make every sexy time a memorable one by using the vibration mode feature of this prostate massager, and experience an eye-rolling pleasure. Depending on your mood, you can choose from up to ten wavelength patterns with different combinations of speed and rhythm. The different vibrations will give you a different pleasure experience every time!

Do you want to take it to the shower? Don't fret as this amazing device is waterproof. Imagine a romantic night in the tub with a glass of wine before you express your love to your bum.

Cleaning your Wireless Vibrating Prostate Massager is easy. Soak it first in some warm water, lather it with antibacterial soap before rinsing it and wiping it dry. Place it in a clean container or purse until your next session.

Do not fight the urge! Make sure to get our Wireless Vibrating L-Shaped Prostate Massager by clicking that "Add to Cart" button now and enjoy!

Color Black, Pink
Type Prostate Massager

Handle: SIlicone

Plug: Silicone

Remote Control: Silicone, Metal



handle: 3.63 inches

plug: 4.7 inches

remote control: 2.3 inches


handle: N/A

plug: 1.28 inches