Wireless Massager With Suction Cups Electro Nipple Clamps Set

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Want to boost your sex life or give your partner a bit of a shock? Well, now you can do both...with our Wireless Massager With Suction Cups Electro Nipple Clamps Set! This kit will take your luscious nipples (or those of someone dear to you) to a new world of pleasure.

Our Wireless Massager Electro Nipple Clamps Set offers sensual suction and persistent pinch that those sensitive nips will surely enjoy. As you put on the cups on your breasts, they create a vacuum, which helps increase blood flow around those delicate chest raisins. Thus, they became more sensitive and more responsive to hand and tongue strokes. They may look bigger than your usual size, too! With these benefits, your lover won't be able to resist playing with your bunions.

Our Wireless Massager Nipple Clamps Set also comes with a battery-operated remote control in addition to suction cups. This controller lets you adjust the amount of pressure you want to put on your boobies. You just have to press the speed buttons to change its frequency.

Though this amazing nipple clamps set is intended for stimulating your busts, this device can be used for other purposes. You can plug your electro butt plug into the massager to send a buzz inside your voluptuous ass. You can even connect your electro penis plug to the device before shoving it up your partner's shaft.

In other words, our Wireless Massager With Suction Cups Clamps Set is an all-in-one electro device.

So, why get multiple vibrators and electro sex tools when you can enjoy the same perks with our Wireless Massager With Suction Cups Electro Nipple Clamps Set? With this device, you can send waves of erotic pleasure all over your body!

Go and get yours now!

Color Clear, Black
Material ABS
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Remote Control: 3.03 in.
Wireless Massager: 2.68 in.
Suction Cups: 4.13 in.


Remote Control: 1.57 in.
Wireless Massager: 2.17 in.
Suction Cups: 1.06 in.
Weight: N/A