White Silicone Penis Extension Toy

The size of your dick is like a movie; just because it is long or short doesn't mean it's excellent or the opposite. It's all about the performance. However, if you happen to be on the short side and your performance can't keep up with your partner's pace, it's about time to let our White Silicone Penis Extension Toy support you in the best possible ways.

This extender is available in one or a set of three caps meant to be placed on your glans up to how far it can go on your shaft. Silicone is its base material, making it high quality and safe to use. The remarkable softness and flexibility are just some of its great features, so you know it's worth your every penny. It is skin-friendly and dent-free, too. It is manufactured with impeccability to suit the sensitive skin of your penis, so you can use it whenever, wherever without fretting about skin-irritations or abrasions.

Grab a water-based lubricant and massage your dick with it. After that, slide to position the cap. Make sure that your dick is still flaccid as you do all these for a hassle-free insertion. With its smooth surface and skinlike texture, your partner wouldn't even feel any difference as you get it in her love hole. As if all these things are not enough to make this penis extender great, it still has a lot more to offer. Aside from getting a slightly protruding glans, you'll also get to experience a lengthened duration of erection and delayed ejaculation. These three are possible as some of the blood flow around the shaft gets restricted by the tight cap.

Reuse this device as many times as you want by maintaining its best quality. Wash it with warm water and mild soap you'd use on your skin. Dry it thoroughly before storing it to avoid the accumulation of molds and mildew on its surface.

Get your dick to be the best motion picture ever with an add-on girth and performance aid. It's just a few clicks away. Start by adding it to your cart now!

Color White
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 2.17 inches (55 mm)
Width/Diameter: 0.87 inch (22 mm)

White Silicone Penis Extension Toy

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