White Glitter Nipple Covers

If you want your future to be bright and pure, then you must wear these White Glitter Nipple Covers. Not only will these fancy accessories highlight your already amazing tits; they will add excitement to your tease game with your partner.

Your bouncy boobies are beautiful, and there is no doubt about it. However, there are times that you want to add something more to satisfy you and your partner visually. You want something that is simple but beams in elegance at the same time, and it is exactly what these White Glitter Nipple Covers are.

Its shine is coming from the sparkly white beads studded on a heart-shaped cover. The end that sticks on your nipples are made of high-quality silicone, so it's soft and gentle on your skin. It also ensures that the covers don’t fall off once you put them on.

To make it more stunning, we added elegant tassels to the covers. These bobbles move with you as you get fucked from behind in front of a mirror. Admire what it does to your body and get ready to what your lover can do to you as he gets teased by these covers.

With the combination of its design, color, and functionality, you won't find any reason not to wear these White Glitter Nipple Covers. Don't just flash your fashion sense in public with your impressive pieces of clothing. Make sure you are also prepared to highlight your sexy breasts with the use of these stunning White Glitter Nipple Covers.

Get ready to elevate your nipple stimulation gameplay when you wear these amazing nipple covers. There is only one thing left for you to do to enjoy this badass. Add this product to your cart now!

Color White
Material ABS Plastic + Silicone
Type Nipple covers
Dimension (inches)
Length: Free Size
Width: Free Size
Weight: N/A


White Glitter Nipple Covers

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