Wellness Therapy Graduated Anal Beads
Wellness Therapy Graduated Anal Beads
Wellness Therapy Graduated Anal Beads

Genitals get the most attention when we have sex with a partner or when we masturbate. Little do we know that the rear hole has thousands of sensitive nerve endings. When we use the right tool to stimulate backdoor, our sexual experience is more sinfully orgasmic.

If you're starting your anal journey to discover a new kind of pleasure hidden inside your bunghole, then go for the Wellness Therapy Graduated Anal Beads. It's intended for newbies who want a gradual and pain-free anal dilation.

This lovely toy doesn't look intimidating with its six heart-shaped beads arranged according to their circumferences. The smallest one located at the tip measures 0.65 inch while the largest is at 1.10 inches.

At the end is a ring-pull for easy retrieval, and it also serves as a stopper. It should erase all your worries because it will prevent the beads from slipping further inside.

For a male user, this circle can serve as a cock ring. Whoa! That means you'll have harder, longer-lasting erections whenever you play with this string of beads.

For pleasurable insertion, make sure you have plenty of water-based lube. Slather some in your ass, then coat every bead with the same. The more lube, the better. Keep in mind that this is a silicone sex toy, and it's compatible only with water-based. Never attempt to rub silicone-based lubricant on the beads as it will only cause material disintegration.

You'll never have to worry about skin irritation as this toy for the butt is hypoallergenic. Keeping it clean and germ-free is so easy because it doesn't have any micro pores where dirt or bacteria can build up. It's phthalate- and BPA-free so cast all your worries aside and enjoy your playtime with it.

Insert these beads one by one, then feel the magic as you pull them out when you're about to reach the peak. It's all yours with just a few clicks!

Color Purple, Hot Pink
Material Silicone
Total Length: 8.86 inches
Insertable length: N/A
Inner Diameter - 1.19 inches
Outer Diameter – 1.6 inches
Tip - 0.65 inch
Second Bead - 0.71 inch
Third Bead - 0.80 inch
Fourth Bead - 0.88 inch
Fifth Bead - 1.02 inches
Sixth Bead - 1.10 inches


Wellness Therapy Graduated Anal Beads

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