Wellness Therapy Anal Beads for Her
Wellness Therapy Anal Beads for Her
Wellness Therapy Anal Beads for Her
Wellness Therapy Anal Beads for Her

With our fast-paced evolution of technology, we get more pressure here and there. The modern age didn't make life easier; it has made it harder to keep up with the changes.

Relax. Everything will be all right. Our Wellness Therapy Anal Beads for Her is your ally to combat stress and find balance.

Shaped like a phallus, it has a tip shaped like a penis head. It's also angled so it can hit the right spots. Tease the clitoris with this head to prepare yourself for the plunge. Feel the ridges on the curvy shaft because they'll rub sensually against your anal walls. Go as wild as you want because this butt massager will never get lost inside. How terrifying that would be, but thanks to its wide, disc-shaped base.

The base will make it versatile as it features a strong suction cup at the bottom. Enjoy hands-free action when you stick this on any flat and smooth surface. If you're playing with a partner, strap it on a harness and start banging the rear hole. This makes it a great tool for lesbians who don't have a penis to dick a partner. A female user will also find it useful for pegging to fill her man's hungry ass.

It's silicone made, so it feels like skin. Although it's soft, it has the right firmness to dig pleasure holes. Unlike rigid materials like wood, this one is body-conforming as it bends and flexes with your natural curves. And if you have sensitive skin, this one won't irritate or cause skin rashes since it's hypoallergenic. What's more, it's safe for internal use because it's phthalate-free. As well, you won't break a sweat cleaning it because it's non-porous. Lather it with anti-bacterial soap and scrub it gently with a cloth. Rinse with warm water, then leave it to dry naturally.

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Color Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: 5.59 in (14.20 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: 1.10 in (2.80 cm)

Wellness Therapy Anal Beads for Her

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