Vibrating Clitoris Clamp | Soft Nipple Toy | Waterproof 10-Speed

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Sometimes, the usual clitoral and nipple clamps are not enough to inflict pain and pleasure on your lover during sex play. If that is the case, why not try our Soft Nipple Toy | Waterproof 10-Speed instead? This vibrating sex toy can take your erotic activities to new sexual heights!

Our Waterproof Vibrating Clitoris Clamp has everything you need to level up your sex games. For one, this innovative clasp for your partner’s sweet little bean has a sleek and seamless design. The arms of this vibrating clitoral clip are slightly curved to fit the size of your sweetheart’s love bud.

The clamp also has a bulbous structure so that you can hold it firmly as you tease her sensitive, happy button. At the end of the clasp is an oval-shaped loop. This feature serves as a handle so that you can press it hard as the clip vibrates.

But the best thing about this coquettish device is the 10-speed vibrating motor. This feature creates different kinds of vibration that will surely make your honey’s sweet spot twitch. Just press the button once to change the speed of the wavelength, and you are done!

Our Vibrating Clitoris Clamp is made from medical-grade silicone. This material is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odor-free, and waterproof. This means you can use it in the shower without worrying about getting electrocuted while your lover’s body is wet. All she has to focus on is the sensation it gives to her kettle.

The clamp is primarily used for clitoral purposes. But you can use it as a nipple clamp, a vibrating butt plug, or even as a cock ring! Indeed, this innovative sex toy is one hell of a device.

Grab our Vibrating Clitoris Clamp | Soft Nipple Toy | Waterproof 10-Speed and make your partner yelp with pleasure and pain with this toy!

Color Pink
Material Silicone
Type Clitoris Clamp
Dimension (inches)
Length: 4.65 in.
Width: 1.81 in.
Weight: N/A