Various Designs Vibrating Butt Plug 3.43 to 5.43 Inches Long

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When it comes to anal play, metal-built butt plugs are meant for the brave and adventurous.

This Various Designs Vibrating Butt Plug 3.43 to 5.43 Inches Long is offered in different magnificent designs that challenge those who are not faint of heart. If round, tapered, beaded, ribbed, or ridged butt plug is what you so desire, then feast your eyes as we bring you to them. You may end up buying five designs with either a suction cup or a flared base, which means you’re given ten options.

The girths range between 0.98 inches and 1.65 inches. Meanwhile, the lengths are from 3.43 inches to 5.43 inches. The choice is up to you!
They’re sold per piece, not as a set, but if you want to buy all, who’s to stop you? The ones with suction cups are perfect when you’re playing all by yourself. You can fix the plug on the floor or any hard surface. The ones with T-shaped bases can be worn for prolonged periods, especially when you want to get kinky outside.

Beaded butt plugs are easy to work with, and they actually deliver gradual expansion to your bum. You may also opt not to insert all the beads and wait for the right time as you train your back hole with a smaller bead. What’s excellent about beaded butt plugs is when you slowly pull them. You’ll get that tingly sensation that feels so delightful. Ribbed butt plugs, on the other hand, provide a soothing massage as you try to push gently and pull them.

To completely enjoy your chosen butt plug without the hassle of getting infected, make sure that you wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after each session. When sharing it with a partner, make it a point that you put a condom over it to avoid contamination. The key ingredient to make anal play pleasurable is to make it slippery. Friction will only cause discomfort, so eliminate this by being generous with lube.

Delight your bum, and you’ll reach the pinnacle of pleasure. Buy one from the Various Designs Vibrating Butt Plug 3.43 to 5.43 Inches Long now!

Color Silver + Black
Type Butt Plug

Handle: N/A

Plug: Metal



handle: N/A


1: 3.43 inches

2: 5.43 inches

3: 3.43 inches

4: 5.43 inches

5: 4.49 inches

6: 4.49 inches

7: 3.82 inches

8: 3.82 inches

9: 3.58 inches

10: 3.58 inches


handle: N/A


1: 0.98 inches, 1.34 inches

2: 1.38 inches

3: 0.98 inches. 1.34 inches

4: 1.38 inches

5: 1.46 inches, 1.57 inches

6: 1.46 inches, 1.57 inches

7: 1.38 inches

8: 1.38 inches

9: 1.38 inches, 1.65 inches

10: 1.38 inches, 1.65 inches