Vampiric Fang Nipple Rings

Vampiric Fang Nipple Rings

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Although you know they don't exist, you dream of becoming a vampire. You want to be immortal like them. Another similarity you share with these fictional entities is that they love to siphon blood directly from the host's neck. No, you don't drink blood, but yes, you know you like sucking, too, right? What are the odds!

If you want everyone to know you're into sucking and at the same time, into vampires, accentuate yourself with iconic jewelry. The Vampiric Fang Nipple Rings are a perfect piece to do this. They are statement accessories for the titties, so flaunt them all you want!

With this product's dangling fangs, no one can deny your love for the creatures. But know that these canine teeth are much stronger than a vampire's. It's not made of enamel, but metal; zinc alloy it is! Aside from it not being prone to cavities, it does not easily tarnish, too. You can trust that this couple of accessories will stand the test of time, just like the beast's life. And given its material, you can rest assured that it is safe for body use.

These rings are hoop-type. They have a main loop where the dangle hooks. This loop opens and locks by pulling and pinching its hinge, ensuring that it won't fall off anytime it is worn. You can detach the fangs, too, if you feel that they are too heavy for the nipples. Or leave them as they are if it pleases you to have them attached.

If you're a newbie in piercing the titties, know that professional help is needed. Call your local salon to install this jewelry for you. Never attempt to puncture yourself if you are not trained to do so. Let your breasts heal for a few weeks to a month before flaunting your newly adorned teats to the crowd.

The Vampiric Fang Nipple Rings will be your symbolic accessories to lure men who want to get a head. Get yours now to experience bottomless cum!

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion One Pair Dangling Nipple Rings