Vaginal Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set 6pcs

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Give your pelvic floor muscles the workout of a lifetime with our Vaginal Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set 6pcs. You'll have the best time of your life as you get the hang of Kegel exercising and have more fulfilling sex with your partner every time. Stay put and hold on to your horses, you're sex life is about to change forever!

If you are already doing Kegel exercises, then you are aware of the overall health benefits it can bring you. Yes, Kegel exercising can improve your health. This is thanks to the pelvic floor muscles, once they're all worked up using the ben wa balls, you'll feel that your vagina is tighter and more sensitive to every kind of stimulation it receives. Not only that, but your partner will get to the experience that same tightness as well when he penetrates you. Lovemaking is going to be more worth it.

Our Vaginal Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set 6pcs is made from high-quality silicone. The material is medical grade making it safe to use for the body. It's also IPX7 rated waterproof so it's fine to use in the shower. Silicone is also smooth and very easy to clean so it wouldn't be a hassle for you to maintain.

All tools in this set are of the same size: 6.30 inches in full length and 1.10 inch in its widest width. You may think that there's nothing different about each ball aside from their colors, but actually, there is. Each ball in our Vaginal Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set 6pcs differs in weight. The lightest is 50g and the heaviest is at 130g. It's ideal to start with the lightest one in the set and increase the weight as you move forward in your journey.

Once you get the hang of it, you're ready to take on your wildest rides with your partner!

Color Pink
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


6.30 in.


1.10 in.