Vagina Toning Geisha Balls 2pcs Set
Vagina Toning Geisha Balls 2pcs Set
Vagina Toning Geisha Balls 2pcs Set

Level up your femininity and increase your sexual energy with our Vagina Toning Geisha Balls 2pcs Set. If you think you've already lost your sexual magic, you can bring back your game with these Geisha Balls!

Say goodbye to your disappointing sex life and say hello to a wonderful new you that is all-day radiant and glowing with sexual energy.

You probably already know the benefits of Kegel exercises. Then, you know that with patience and regular exercise, it is the most effective way of tightening your vaginal walls and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. You can achieve the benefits in half the time because of the weighted metal balls inside each Geisha ball. They feature a hollow design with built-in weighted balls. These metal balls create a slight vibration, colliding with the surface of the Geisha ball when you walk, run, or swim. The vibration stimulates your pelvic floor muscles and helps it shrink and tighten around your Geisha balls so that the balls won't slip out. When you perform Kegel exercises daily, you'll develop a more sensitive love oven allowing you to have more powerful orgasms.

Also, there are several medical benefits from using these Vagina Toning Geisha Balls 2pcs Set regularly. Since your pelvic floor muscles also house your rectal and urinary system, using these Geisha balls will help you control your bladder and aid in preventing and recovering from urinary incontinence.

The Vagina Toning Geisha Balls 2pcs Set are made from medical grade body-safe silicone that is one hundred percent waterproof. Both balls are connected with a jacket and end with a looped elastic string for easier handling.

These toning Geisha balls are available in blue and pink color with different weights to cater to your level of expertise. They are designed to help you rejuvenate sexual energy you thought was long gone.

Whether you like the lights on or off, you'll quickly turn your usual cold lonely nights into unforgettable moments! Buy now and become a legend!

Color Blue and Pink
Type  Geisha Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Pink Ball- 6.9 inches

Blue Ball- 4.5 inches


Pink Ball- 1.4 inches

Blue Ball- 1.4 inches


Vagina Toning Geisha Balls 2pcs Set

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