Vagina Toning Ben Wa Balls Set 6pcs

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You may not have heard of Ben Wa Balls, but if you've heard of orgasms balls or jiggle balls, this product listing is for one and the same. Achieve stronger and more toned pelvic floor muscles with the help of our Vagina Toning Ben Wa Balls Set.

Made of hypoallergenic and nonporous material, this multicolored set offers six differently weighed steel balls enclosed in smooth Silicone that you can safely insert inside your vagina to help you perform Kegels.

Ask any woman who's given birth, and chances are they'll tell you that while having kids is a rewarding endeavor, pregnancy can leave behind a lot of health issues that include incontinence, loss of sensations in the vagina and postpartum depression. This Vagina Toning Ben Wa Balls Set can help you with the first two and maybe even the third.

As with any exercises, Kegels come with a few risks. That's why it's important to use Ben Wa Balls with the correct size and weight. Our Vagina Toning Ben Wa Balls Set feature balls that come in two different lengths – three that are about 4.72" long and three that are 6.9" long. All six balls are approximately 1.30" in width. The three short ones are 0.7 oz, 0.8 oz, and 1 oz in weight while the long ones are 2.6 oz, 2.99 oz, and 3.7 oz. All six are 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

To use this set for Kegels, select the lightest, wash thoroughly with soap and water then dry. Apply lube and insert. Once the ball is firmly lodged inside your vagina, tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold for five seconds, then relax for another. Repeat this step 5 times in a row to complete a set. For beginners, we recommend that you perform no more than three sets per day.

Don't be the last to try out Ben Wa Balls, grab our Vagina Toning Ben Wa Balls Set 6pcs now bask in the glory of a healthy vagina!

Color Pink, Rose Red, Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone and Steel
Dimensions (in.)


4.72 inches

  6.9 inches


1.30 inches