Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set

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Add some spice into your daily routine, wear this Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set during work and feel the thrill it brings!

Repetitive lifestyle and routine can take away the spark in one's life; things get tedious and very predictable. But who knew that a simple tool can not just bring fun back into your life, but can also make one's vagina healthier. With the help of this Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set, you can quickly get tighter, stronger vaginal muscles without wasting your time!

Taking care of our pelvic muscles is important because the stronger they are, the more control we have over our bladder, which can also heal urinary incontinence. After childbirth, the birth canal can be brought back to its original shape with the use of these balls.

Aside from these medical benefits, a tighter vagina can also mean more satisfying and steamy lovemaking. These balls increase the sensitivity of the nerves in the sacred area, making you feel each thrust and grind during sex.

In this set, you will receive two Kegel tools, one contains one ball, and the other has two. Made of silicone, each ball measures 1.38 inches in diameter, and each tool also comes with a handle that will help you remove the ball/s after use. This handle also has a tip that can massage and tickle your clitoris.

Keep everything germ-free, and don't forget to wash your hands, vagina, and Kegel tool before starting the practice, you can simply use warm water with scent-free soap. Dab an adequate amount of water-based lubricant on the tool before insertion; alternatively, you can also get yourself naturally lubricated.

Begin the practice by doing some breathing exercises to get your tensed muscles to relax, lie down flat on your bed or floor, and slowly insert the tool inside the vulva. You can wear this as you go about your day, buying groceries, cleaning the house, or even during work. Just make sure to clean it right away with a sex toy liquid cleaner or 75% alcohol. Safely keep the tool in a clean and dry place.

Set this up into your cart now and feel the difference it makes to your mundane routine!

Color White silicone with Pink balls
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


from the tip of string to tip of the ball- 7.87 inches


1.38 inches (diameter)