Vagina Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set 2pcs

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When your sex acts become less exciting, then you should get our Vagina Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set 2pcs! This collection can definitely make your bedroom games more exhilarating.

Our Vagina Dumbbells Ben Wa Ball Set comes in two pieces. One has a single ball attached to the flexible string. Meanwhile, the other one has two Kegel balls.

These items enable you to enter a new world of orgasm because of the metal balls inside each ball. Not only do these surgical-steel balls add weight to the vaginal trainers; they also send a buzz into your entrance as they hit the walls of the toy.

Our 2-Piece Vagina Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set is made from medical-grade silicone. This material is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and phthalates-free. Hence, the balls are safe to be inserted into your pussy. It is also flexible, making it easy to use as it follows your natural physical contour.

So – how do you use these Ben Wa Balls? First, you need to clean them with warm water and mild soap before shoving them up to your love tunnel. Lie down and start playing with your cunt. You can do it on your own by using your fingers.
Alternatively, tell your partner to lick, nibble, or suck your vaginal lips and clit until you release a pool of moisture.

You can now insert the Ben Wa ball into your canal and feel its weight inside. Once the ball is completely inserted, you can get up and do your usual activities or start your Kegel training. Hold it with your pelvic floor muscles for at least ten seconds to tone them up or tighten your v-hole. Either way, it will benefit your reproductive health and your sex life.

With all these remarkable features, you have no reason to look further than our Vagina Dumbbells Ben Wa Balls Set 2pcs. Click that “Add to Cart” button now and see for yourself how these balls can improve your sex life!

Color Pink, Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length Single-Ball: 4.92 in., Dual-Balls: 6.50 in.
Width 1.18 in.