USB Rechargeable Nipple Vacuum Toy
USB Rechargeable Nipple Vacuum Toy
USB Rechargeable Nipple Vacuum Toy
USB Rechargeable Nipple Vacuum Toy
USB Rechargeable Nipple Vacuum Toy

There have been no passionate instances where the nipple is not teased at all. It has many sensitive nerve-endings that, once stimulated, will make the pussy wet, wild, and hungry for some action.
Men even love the thought of fondling it because they certainly know the third base is just around the corner once they freely reach the teat.

So, enjoy the passionate session with this USB Rechargeable Nipple Vacuum Toy.

This joy toy is everything you have ever hoped to incorporate in your nipple playing. It sucks hard and titillates your tit to bits. You can use it anytime, anywhere as it is rechargeable. To make things more exciting is its waterproof feature, making it safe to use even in the shower or Jacuzzi.

Choose between the luscious red or the naughty pink version of this toy that best suits your sexual personality. It is made of silicone base material, so you can rest assured to be using a hypoallergenic and non-toxic toy on the delicate skin of your boob.

Use a body oil, lotion, or lube to massage your breast as you begin the playing. The vacuum works best in the lubricated area, hence the need for any of the abovementioned solutions. Place the suction hole over your teat and let the magic of this device reign over your horny body. Turn the vibrator on, and experience an orgasm you can only achieve through nipple play.

Grab a cloth damped in a solution of warm water and mild soap. Make sure to go over all its fringes before and after every use. Regular tidying up of this toy will help you maintain its skin-friendliness. Make sure to dry them thoroughly to prevent it from harboring daunting bacteria-causing infections. Store it properly at room temperature.

Come on, what's still there to think about? Grab this baby now! You won't ever regret giving it a try!


Color Red, Pink
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length/Height: 6.61 inches
Handle- 1.89 inches
Vacuum- 1.18 inches


USB Rechargeable Nipple Vacuum Toy

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