USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups
USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups
USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups
USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups
USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups
USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups

Are your pockets drained from buying batteries that drain so fast? Save your bucks from unreliable power sources and get a device that charges through other outlets in your house. When it comes to vibrating sex toys, save money by getting one that can connect through your mobile devices, laptops, and power outlets.


You don't have to be left hanging in your play once the power loses at midnight! Try the USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups and use the money spent on useless batteries for something more worthy! This rechargeable self-pleasure toy gets its power from any electrical outlets at your home and from other devices, too.


The suction cups use high-quality silicone—the material best-known for its durability in sex toy production. They are BPA- and phthalate-free, making sure your sex organs are free from unwanted and dangerous plastic chemicals that may irritate your gentle and sensitive skin. These breast pumps are attached to bullet vibrators, which produce titillating vibrations to your nipples. Attached to these vibrators are wires that connect to a clicker so you can control the magnitude and intense action remotely using your fingertips. The teat cups come in transparent color, with tiny, soft brushes inside them, to add some rough graze to your nipples.


Make your nipple play a seamless one by applying water-based lube onto your breasts. Pinch the cups and place them on your bumper, fencing the nipples with the brim of the cup. Release the crumple and switch on the vibrator to your desired strength. Feel your nipples erecting and becoming more sensitive as the air from the inside is getting sucked. The brush will also hit all the nerve endings on your raisins, giving you the ultimate pleasure!


Once you cum from extreme satisfaction, remove the vibrators from the cups and wash the silicone parts with water and gentle soap. Dry them with a piece of towel, then store them in your sex toys collection room. Reuse the toy as often as needed, and charge them once the batteries drain.


Who said using a sex toy will cost you that much? Not with the USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups! Buy one now!


Color Clear
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches) 1.10 inches (28 mm)
Diameter: 1.10 inches (28 mm)
Height: N/A


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USB Charging Nipple Suction Cups

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