5.90" Prince Albert-Inspired Stainless Steel Urethral Sound

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Indulge yourself in unique sensations that will make your entire body quiver with this 5.90" Prince Albert-Inspired Stainless Steel Urethral Sound.

With a length of 5.90” and diameters of 0.39”, 0.31”, this urethral sound is ideal for intermediate urethral players. The shaft includes a soft yet firm tube for ease of manipulation, and at the tip of the shaft is a stainless-steel rod that tapers smoothly to ease insertion. At the other end is a Prince Albert bar which will titivate your cock with metal, making it look mighty and invincible.

Enjoy a design that combines functionality and comfort. If you need to pee in the middle of your session, you can detach the Prince Albert bar and let urine pass through. As well, if you’re not in the mood for retrograde ejaculation, feel free to let your semen flow through the tube. It’s that simple and easy!

Experience toe-curling sensations as you probe deeper and remember to play it safe to avoid nasty infections. Your urethra is known to be extra-delicate, so you need to keep some basic reminders to avoid infection issues in the future. First on the list is to clean your sound before and after each session. Use warm water and antibacterial soap for a thorough cleanse. Make sure that everything that comes in contact with your device is clean or sterile. If possible, wear surgical gloves and use 100% sterile water-soluble lube for your peace of mind.

When it comes to insertion, do it gently and carefully. A helping hand would be nice but your hands can do the job. Once inserted, you’d hope for a blow job because there’s nothing quite like an orgasm from the inside out.

If masturbation has become mundane and doesn’t provide what you crave for, then add this amazing urethral sound during your self-loving time for incredible orgasmic results. Buy now!

Color Silver + Clear
Material Stainless Steel, soft tube
Type Hollow Urethral Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 5.90 inches
Width: 0.39”, 0.31”