Glass Yoni Egg | Undrilled Crystal Ball Glass Egg

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Is the fire of sensation in your yoni starting to fade away? Fret not, because you can get those juvenile love muscles back with this Undrilled Crystal Ball Glass Egg. Get tighter and firmer vaginal muscles by doing Kegel exercises regularly. If you commit to this practice, you'll also experience increased sensitivity and body awareness, particularly in your vagina. You'll also experience an improvement in your libido and natural lubrication.

Women also use this for overall health and well-being. More importantly, orgasms will be so much better and more explosive than ever. This ball, which measures 0.98 inches in diameter, is made of crystal quartz. This alluring vaginal stone comes with a wooden stand so you can have it displayed anywhere.

This mineral isn't just beautiful, but somewhat magical as well. Elders and ancestors believed that these crystals are alive, taking a breath every 100 years. It is also believed that crystal quartz can enhance your energy and manifest it on your physical and spiritual lives.

So, how do you take advantage of such benefits? First, make sure the ball is thoroughly sanitized before using it. Let your vagina's natural juice flow to assist you with insertion. A gentle massage of your pussy will do. You may also try to play with your clit lightly. You'll know you're ready when you're aroused and have a wet yoni.

When this happens, insert the ball slowly and squeeze your muscles as tight as you could to push the ball up as high as possible. Then, try to relax and release the egg. Do these repeatedly, and you'd be surprised by how strong and sensitive your vagina would be. Right after the session, clean the ball immediately.

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Color Green
Stone/Crystals Crystal Ball
Size (inches) 0.98 inch
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increase/Enhance Libido & Reawaken Sensuality - Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles - Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence - Increase Sensitivity - Increase Natural Lubrication pre/post Menopause - Tighten Vaginal Walls - Easier Childbirth (less tissue damage) - Enhance Intimacy - Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises - Increase Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles - Experience Vaginal Orgasms - Promote Postpartum Healing - Bring Balance to Body, Mind & Spirit