Undrilled Amethyst Ball Crystal Egg

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Do you want to unlock the divine and sacred female energy within you? If you are up for the challenge, then it’s time to get the beautiful Undrilled Amethyst Ball Crystal Egg.

As a strong and calming stone, this yoni egg works on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. It promotes self-love and unlocks and enhances sexual pleasures.

It’s a 0.98-inch Yoni Egg that can be used for Kegel Exercises. Through these exercises, some of your reproductive and urinary concerns are addressed, easing discomfort or distress that you might be feeling.

Moreover, it fuels your sex drive, which helps increase natural lubrication and promote better orgasms. It also resolves menstrual issues that you might be dealing with, such as menstrual cramps, PMS, and the like.
Using the Undrilled Amethyst Ball Crystal Egg can assist you in achieving that if you wish to bring balance into the emotional side of your life. When used, it has the ability to clear the mind and cleanse the negative energies that surround you. The yoni egg can also keep you calm amidst the chaotic situation you are in.

Before using the crystal egg, be sure to wash it with warm water and soap. This cleans the Yoni Egg physically and spiritually. Once it is cleansed, use your lubricant of choice and insert the purple-colored stone inside you. When you are done with it, expel it from your body and repeat the cleansing process that you did before. Do this exercise at least thrice a week to achieve better and faster results.

With these remarkable benefits and healing properties, you have no reason to look further than our Undrilled Amethyst Ball Crystal Egg. Grab this vaginal stone now and feel its magic work upon you!

Color Purple
Stone/Crystals Amethyst
Size (inches) 0.98 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles, Increases Lubrication, Heals Womb Trauma, Enhances Sexual Pleasure, Regulates Hormones, Reduces Cramping & Menstrual Pain, Prevents Urinary Incontinence, Helps Balance Emotions, Enlightens Spiritual Life, Calms Fears, Lifts Spirits, Raises Hope, Helps Control Negative Thoughts, Soothes Anger & Impatience