Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads
Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads
Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads
Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads
Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads
Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads

After a hard day's work, all you need is a relaxing whole-body massage. Let's say that again, whole-body massage. That means you shouldn't ignore that one little hole behind your genital. Make it both sensual and rejuvenating with our Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads. Insert this in and leave it inside while you receive a genital massage. Made for all genders, this black anal massager will provide you with sinful delight that tingles even right after.

It features three candy-shaped beads, and the smallest is situated at the tip for gradual expansion. Between each bead is a gap, which ensures that every entry or exit gives you a sensational pop. At the end are finger holes similar to that of scissors, giving you more ease to retrieve the beads. The hoops also serve as a stopper, ensuring that nothing will slip any further. Twist these loops to feel the beads turning and swirling inside your dark tunnel. You can also pull out a bead or two then pop it in once again. You can do this repeatedly without feeling any guilt. But these beads turn magical once you slowly extract them during your climax or right before it happens. Whether you are one with a vagina or a penis, these beads will make your orgasms more intense and powerful.

Made of high-quality material, silicone, it's safe for body use. That's because silicone is phthalate-free. You can also wear it for a couple of hours, and you won't complain about skin rashes or irritations. Keeping it clean and germ-free is easy as it doesn't have any micro pores where dirt and bacteria could build up. To maintain its good-as-new condition, avoid applying silicone or oil-based lube on it since it will disintegrate. Stick to water-based lube, and it will surely last.

Experience ultimate relaxation and sinful gratification with these butt beads. Buy now!

Color Purple, Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: 6.89 inches (17.5cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Widest Point: 1.30 inches (3.30 cm)


Ultimate Rectal Massage Butt Beads

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