The Provocateur Male Chastity Belt 35 inches Waistline

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If you're into BDSM or you simply like the look of black leather against your bulging manhood, then you might want to check out our Provocateur Male Chastity Belt 35 inches Waistline. Made from the highest quality PU leather, this harness is durable, and it looks hot as hell.

Just one look of this Provocateur Male Chastity Belt 35 inches Waistline will have you panting to have it on not only for your viewing pleasure but also that of your partner's. It's comfortable, snug, and well-made to fit waistlines of up to 35 inches.

It's very easy to wear and features a rather sexy backside that displays your assets rather prominently! The buckles make this belt completely adjustable for comfort and style, making your beloved manhood stand out even more!

The remarkable device is adorned with non-tarnishing metal buckles and a loop to give your dick an extra manly appeal. If you have got a well-shaped butt that you like to flaunt, this harness is perfect for you! The loop through which you insert your dick is about 1.5" wide, which is designed to fit the average penises. The string that holds the belt together from the back is made of stretchable elastic for a genuinely snug fit that will make your manhood look ten times hotter!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this Provocateur Male Chastity Belt 35 inches Waistline for your partner or keep it for yourself for those extra special nights when you want to surprise your lover with an outfit that will blow their mind away.

Color/Type Black
Material PU Leather
Ring Dimension (inches) Diameter: 1.5 
Cock Cage Dimension (inches)

Length: N/A

Width: N/A