Temperature Play Glass Anal Beads
Temperature Play Glass Anal Beads
Temperature Play Glass Anal Beads
Temperature Play Glass Anal Beads

Temperature play has long been enjoyed by many couples and solo players in their kinky sessions. It adds a different type of titillating sensation that is genuinely exciting.

If you want to try a hot-and-cold game, then you are in for a treat. Our Temperature Play Glass Anal Beads is ready to be your partner! This product boasts a 9.65 inches shaft that will hit all the right areas once inside the bum. The two-way tip features two different kinds of pleasure bead - one with a sphere while the other has a conical design. You will enjoy different types of fiery feelings as you flip this over and choose which one suits you the best. Furthermore, this toy is swirled with blue-tinted glass that adds texture to the shaft. This feature will make the in and out motion inside your bum more satisfying.

In adding temperature to your play, make sure to wash the toy first before anything else. You can then dip the toy in cold or warm water for 5 minutes. Test the temperature using the back of your hand before grazing this over your sensitive areas. And before inserting this bead inside your ass, be sure to add the right amount of lubrication. Your backside hole does not have its natural juice, so it's essential to never skip this part. Make sure you are relaxed as you guide this toy inside your bum. Breathe in as you push the tip inside your anal canal.

You can leave the toy in and touch yourself. If you have a partner, let him do you good. When you are about to climax, pull this out and feel the sweet sensation of the 'pop' of each bead rubbing against your ass.

It's time to elevate your playing. Grab this impressive piece today!

Color Blue, Transparent
Material Glass
Total Length: 9.65 inches
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: N/A

Temperature Play Glass Anal Beads

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