Tease and Flirt Nipple Clamps for Couples
Tease and Flirt Nipple Clamps for Couples
Tease and Flirt Nipple Clamps for Couples
Tease and Flirt Nipple Clamps for Couples

The female body is a wonderland. If you have explored it well, then you know she's super thrilled when you play with her tits! Lick them, bite them, suck them! She certainly loves the combination of pleasure and pain, so why not gift her with the Tease and Flirt Nipple Clamps for Couples?

While adorning her chestnuts with these nipple pinchers, you also give her magical tingles. These nipple clamps are very easy to apply. Place the silicone loop over her nips then slide up the metal to tighten the grip. The higher it slides, the fiercer the bite gets. Dangling from the silicone loop are interlinked metal beads. The biggest at the end of the chain is a bell that creates melodious chimes. Listen to their musical ring while you give her an action-packed doggy.

The stark contrast between black and gold makes this pair look elegant and lovely. The clamps are made of silicone, which is safe to make contact with delicate skin. Silicone is phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. The clamps are also great for any nipple size as they're fully adjustable. Loosen or tighten their grip by sliding the metal up or down. The metal trinkets don't have any sharp edges that could hurt or damage any part of her breasts.

For best results, stroke her breasts, lick and bite her tits as usual before applying these clamps. Make her feel some pain as you lock her titties in these beautiful clamps, then tease her more by sucking her nips. Make sure to pay attention to the color of those cherries as you don't want them to turn bluish.

Give her the sweetest reward by releasing her nipples from bondage. Once these pinchers are taken off, her tits are a hundred times more sensitive because of blood rushing back into them. See the magic unfold while you work your tongue on her chest raisins.

Experience one of the most seductive sex play with the Tease and Flirt Nipple Clamps for Couples. Hurry and grab them now!

Color Black with golden metal bits
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 3.35 inches (full length), 1.97 inches (pincher)
Width/Diameter: NA inches

Tease and Flirt Nipple Clamps for Couples

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