Syringe-Type Portable Shower Enema

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If you are always on-the-go but would like to stay prepared for some anal action, then you should always bring this Syringe-Type Portable Shower Enema.

Always be prepared for moments when you just need to get off while you are on a trip. Keep it clean and ready for action and not worry about anything when you use this device. The syringe is 5.11 inches long, which can fill up to 11 ml of water, while the plunger is 6.18 inches long. This portable shower enema comes in blue and black, and two types of grip to choose from.

Having a clean behind is something that everyone should have, especially those who practice anal sex. It's a courtesy to who you are welcoming to enter you. This portable shower enema is going to be your next great buy, together with our other sex toys. So, if you were planning that trip and still wanted to enjoy some anal action, make sure to add this fantastic product to your list, too.

Since this portable shower enema is made of high-quality PVC plastic, you can be assured that it's safe. It does not have any toxic smell or any harmful residues that can harm your body. Its texture also makes it easy for you to clean it. Soaking it in some warm water with some antibacterial soap would keep it sanitized until your next use.

We respect your privacy, so when you order our Syringe-Type Portable Shower Enema, you can be assured that it will be delivered to your address in discreet packaging. That also means that this is a perfect gift for anyone who might need one. There is only one thing left for you to do, and that is to add one to your cart now!
Color Black, Blue
Type Enema

Handle: PVC

Plug: PVC



handle: N/A


barrel: 5.11 inches

plunger: 6.18 inches


handle: N/A


barrel: .39 inch

plunger holder: .82 inch