Sweet Strawberry Sequin Nipple Covers

Whipped cream, cherries, chocolates, and berries: they're all sensual when used the right way. What else is sexy, you might ask? It's when you hide your nipples underneath wild strawberries! Shimmy your way to exotic nights with the Sweet Strawberry Sequin Nipple Covers.

Don these pasties on your nipples and watch your partner lick his lips as he anticipates tasting the sweetness of your boobies. The shining sequins are sewn to perfection, gleaming with every move you make. The details of the leaves and the sides of the covers are embroidered with green and red threads. The handiwork of these covers will remind you of premium patches you used to collect when you were a little kid.

Originally a part of every showgirl's costume, nipple covers made their way from the burlesque stage to casual clothing, and eventually to the red carpet—with movie stars and supermodels wearing them underneath their glam gowns and completing their ensemble. Playful and alluring nipple pasties also thrive in the market, making them a must-have for your bedroom sessions.

The Sweet Strawberry Sequin Nipple Covers is an excellent way to add fun to your dull sex routines. All you have to do is peel off the plastic sheet to reveal the adhesive, place it on your nipples and give it a good pat to make sure it's secure. Dry your skin thoroughly before putting it on because the adhesives don't do well on a wet surface. Be careful not to put lotion on your areolae and nipples, too.

Surprise your partner when he removes your shirt, and these luscious strawberries get revealed on top of your perky chest as they jiggle erotically, inviting him to draw closer. While these are not edible, they can surely spice things up in bed, and you'll be having that intimate moment in no time.

Make him touch it and lick it. Ask him to take a bite. It's alright. Get these naughty nipple covers now.

Color Red with Green
Material Acetate
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A


Sweet Strawberry Sequin Nipple Covers

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