Sweet Sequin Hand Black Pasties
Sweet Sequin Hand Black Pasties
Sweet Sequin Hand Black Pasties
Sweet Sequin Hand Black Pasties

Sweet Sequin Hand Black Pasties

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You don't like the whole bra experience ever since you had the chance to wear it. It is constricting, uncomfortable, and frankly, you should wear your well-loved clothes without it. But you don't want to go all commando, and as much as possible, you don't like awkward slips or mishaps to happen.

That is where our Sweet Sequin Hand Black Pasties come in handy. They are the perfect solution for your bra concerns.

It's handy, sparkly, and reusable too! What more can you ask for in a piece of underwear? These adorable nipple covers are going to change the way you wear your sexy clothes for the better.

They make use of high-quality silicone that is highly stretchable and is also hypoallergenic. You won't have to deal with nasty allergic reactions as they are compatible with the human skin.

Aside from their material, these lovely pieces have an intricate hand design that would not only cover your most intimate parts but also add drama to your whole get up. These pieces also have delicate sequins that will shine as it catches the light. These nipple covers will give you a new accessory to mesmerize your partner as you make sweet love.

Make sure you place this over a clean and dry breast area. The adhesive part of the pastie is susceptible to moisture and oil products, so make sure you don't place this over these substances. Once you are sure that the nipple pastie covers are in place, lock them in by pressing them gently.

These lovely pieces are perfect for tank tops, swimwear, and even your loveliest silks. They are breathable and will mold nicely over your body. It will be like wearing nothing!

Make sure you give these pieces some TLC by always washing them after each use. Do so by gently cleaning over warm water and gentle soap. Air dry them or wipe them lightly with a clean cloth.

You don't have to stick to something you don't like. Switch it up with these lovely pieces today!


Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A