Suspension Adventure Sex Slings
Suspension Adventure Sex Slings
Suspension Adventure Sex Slings
Suspension Adventure Sex Slings
Suspension Adventure Sex Slings

Does it frustrate you to see your woman already lost her appetite for sex—always sleepy in bed and moves like a sloth during humping sessions? That, indeed, is worrisome.

Do not carry the burden in your heart. Instead, bear your woman on your chest and notice how it will change her mood in your next steps. Use one of our Suspension Adventure Sex Slings and invigorate her to making love with you again. This time, get kinky and wild!

The sling uses high-quality nylon in its straps capable of lifting heavy loads, such as human weight. It has six straps overall, which are all connected to O-rings in front and back. Will the metal ring sustain the weight, though? Yes. The load becomes equally distributed across all the directions away from the ring, making it stable and sturdy. The straps also have adjustment belts so you can tighten or loosen the fit to your body. And finally, the sling features cushioned pads on the shoulder and the leg belts to reduce the stress caused by the weight.

So how do you use it? Wear it like you're wearing a baby carrier, but this time, it's for your woman. Ensure that the foamed pads are in the right positions—to your shoulders and your woman's legs or thighs. Adjust the lengths of the straps such that you will be comfortable moving around. Then, carry your partner on your chest, supporting her buttocks and making sure that your dick is in line with her pussy, or asshole. Caress her body with your warm kisses on her lips, neck, and breasts while roughly stroking her hole with your fully erected and deprived dick. Restrict her movements and let her perform the stationary cowgirl position until you cum! You may also want to try doing other poses—your imagination is the limit.

When you're through and satisfied with your naughty session, uninstall the mechanism from your body and put it in your laundry area after. Wash it with water and gentle soap, then completely dry it by air-hanging.

Remove the weights in your chest and leave only your woman on it. Use the Suspension Adventure Sex Slings and have the best time of your life instead. Add this item to your cart now!

Color Black, Pink
Material Nylon, Metal, Spandex
Dimensions (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: N/A

Suspension Adventure Sex Slings

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