Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings
Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings
Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings
Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings
Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings

Are you like Jasmine, who dreams of riding on a magical carpet that will carry you to the happiest and most beautiful places on Earth? Soar, tumble and freewheel on a suspension that will take you to rapture with the help of sex furniture that's easy to install!

Turn your ordinary bed into a magical piece of equipment using the Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings. If you think sex swings are limited to suspending your body, then you're wrong. Hang a board on the suspension, and voila! You now have a magical carpet-like swing! Use it to add zest to your bland sexual intercourse sessions!

This sex swing comes in two different variants, one with the touch of red color and the other with the leopard-print design. Both feature padded arm and leg rests to minimize the tension on the suspension. The straps have adjustment belts, so you can manage and control how high or low you want to install the mechanism into your ceiling. They also have carabiners on each end that allow easy hooking to the eyehook on your ceiling joists.

If you're not confident enough to mount the furniture, get some help from your husband or a professional carpenter. Remember, you need to have sturdy mounting points on your ceiling to install it. If you're doing it by yourself, make sure that the distance between the two hooks is around 30-36 inches—this allows the entire suspension to be more stable. If you plan to use it as is, then you can readily use it. But if you want to put a platform on it, you can add beams on the arm and leg cuffs, then place your board on top. There! Try all the positions you want—straddle, hanging 69, dog in space, chandelier, and many more. Have an adventurous ride through an endless diamond sky!

After exhausting the swing, you can uninstall it by unhooking the straps from the ceiling. If there is sweat and cum residue on the belts, wash them with water and mild soap and make sure to dry them before putting them in your cabinet

A whole new world is where you will be with the Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings. You can chase these toys by placing an order now. Hit "Add to cart!"


Color Red, Leopard Print
Material Nylon
Dimensions (inches) Free Size
Length N/A
Width N/A
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity N/A


Suspended Bedroom Games Sex Swings

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