Super Smooth Rose Quartz Egg

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“Stone of Love” is what the Rose Quartz is known for. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. Manifesting both positive energy and unconditional love, this pretty and precious stone has many healing properties and benefits. If you wish to absorb all that, it’s time you get your hands on the Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Egg.

The Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Egg comes in a lovely pink color. It measures 1.18 inches and weighs about 0.08 to 0.09 lbs. Apart from its beautiful exterior, this pink colored natural stone can bring so many beneficial and effective results on the different aspects of our lives. It's particularly helpful to a woman's reproductive system. When used, it supports Kegel Exercises which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Those who have developed Urinary Incontinence can look into using a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg as well. For women who may be going through some sexual difficulties and postpartum depression, the Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Egg is here to ease the pain and burden that you might be carrying. It can also help those who are having fertility issues.

Keep your yoni egg, at its best and clean condition by diligently washing it with warm water and soap, before and after using it, When using the Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, you can discover other amazing things that it can give us. Apart from the physical ones, it also deals with our inner selves by bringing a rejuvenating kind of energy that allows us to love and to be compassionate towards ourselves and to others. In times of distress, it can provide comfort and nourishment. It can inspire us to embrace both beauty and intimacy in our lives. Set this up into your cart now!

Color Pink
Stone/Crystals Rose Quartz
Size (inches) 1.18 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Supports the female reproductive system, Strengthens pelvic floor muscles, Increases fertility, Eases sexual difficulties and postpartum depression, Helps mothers heal after difficult births, Counters stress-related adult urinary incontinence