Stylish Pink Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 3.94 Inches Long


Get tickled pink with our Stylish Pink Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 3.94 Inches Long. These butt plugs are specifically designed to bring you the best experience in anal play.

Offered in two variants, pick which one suits you best. Variant A has a teardrop-shaped head. Its length, 3.35 inches, is compensated by its diameter, 1.65 inches. Variant D offers a thread-designed head. Its total length is 3.94 inches, and its widest girth is at 1.22 inches. Each variant comes with a flared base to prevent undesirable slippage.

“But, it’s made of glass.” We get this concern a lot, but we can guarantee you that both variants are made of high-quality glass that’s more durable than ordinary glass. If you are familiar with Pyrex, that’s the kind of glass in which our butt plug is made.

It is also resistant to extreme temperatures, so feel free to sterilize it when you need to. But why boil it when you can wash it in warm soapy water? Glass is non-porous and is therefore easy to clean and get rid of those infection-causing fecal matters.

Ok, so this glass plug won’t break under regular use and proper handling. But, like Pyrex, it also breaks when it’s dropped on a hard floor or when it hits a solid object hard. So, never attempt to test its strength in ways other than its intended purpose.

This glass butt plug is excellent for temperature play. Chill it or warm it if you want to add another layer of excitement in your foreplay. Use the tapered end to tease the rim of the bum, and your partner will be tickled to the bones. Yes, you need to toy with the bum for a more pleasurable entry.

As the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, it’s helpful to coat your glass butt plug with any lubricant to make it glide inside.

Color Pink
Type Glass Butt Plug

Handle:  N/A

Plug: Glass



Handle:  N/A 


A:   3.35 inches

D:  3.94 inches


Handle:   N/A


A:  1.65 inches

D:  1.22 inches