Stringed Clitoris Stimulator Geisha Balls
Stringed Clitoris Stimulator Geisha Balls
Stringed Clitoris Stimulator Geisha Balls

Are you already using ben wa balls and you want to level up a bit? Step up your game and get even tighter with our Stringed Clitoris Stimulator Geisha Balls! If you think that your vagina only can do so much Kegel workout, you can do even greater things when you try new ones.

You might already be well aware of the benefits of Kegel exercising, then you're aware that with practice and regular exercise, it can help contract your vaginal muscles, making it tighter. This is possible thanks to the inner metal balls inside each geisha ball. These metal balls bounce and hit the walls of the outer balls, which causes friction. Once you regularly start to do your Kegel exercises, you'll eventually also have a more sensitive tunnel of love, as you'll be even more stimulated. Your partner will also notice the difference when you make love.

Not only that, but there are also some medical benefits from using these Stringed Clitoris Stimulator Geisha Balls regularly. If you haven't known, then yes! Your pelvic floor muscles also house your urinary and rectal system. Using these geisha balls will help you control your bladder and can aid in preventing urinary incontinence.

Our Stringed Clitoris Stimulator Geisha Balls are made from ABS and metal. This is a step up from the usual silicone balls you always get. ABS is not that flexible and a bit more solid. Both balls are connected with a jacket and end with a looped string for easier retrieval.

Available in two different colors: black and purple, these geisha balls are designed to help you experience the renewed and rejuvenated woman you thought was long gone. Turn your nights into unforgettable moments and be the goddess of your man's dreams!

Color Black, Purple
Type Geisha Balls
Material ABS, Metal
Dimensions (in.)




1.38 in.


Stringed Clitoris Stimulator Geisha Balls

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