Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps
Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps
Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps
Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps
Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps
Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps
Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps

Sex is a heart-pounding, exhilarating, and cum-exploding activity. But once the routines become usual, it tends to get a bit boring.

Throw away your dull sex life and use these Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps to spice things up in your bedroom! These beginner-friendly tweezer clamps can take your sex acts to a whole new level.

Our Tong Clitoris Clamps are what you need to stimulate your clit's sensitivity and responsiveness. When their ends hug your love bud and pussy lips, they block the blood from flowing through your private parts. This causes numbness and inflicts pain in this area.

But once the clasps are removed, the blood goes through these erotic spots, making your vagina highly sensitive to massage, kiss, suck, and blow that your significant other does to your private area.

These impressive clamps have silicone tips. These covers serve as a cushion to your intimate area; thus, providing less pain. But you can also remove these caps for intense sensation and stimulation.

They also have metal rings around the arms of the clasps. These alloy loops serve as the pressure adjustment. Just move them up or down until you get the perfect amount of tension you want to put on your love button.

Our Steel Tong Clamps are made for inflicting pleasure and pain on your precious jewel. But you can also use them for your boobies. The same effect can be felt when you use them on your titties, which also leads to a better orgasm. Just don't forget to sterilize them before and after using the tongs on your intimate areas.

Make your sex life more fun and enticing! Buy our Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps and hear yourself or your lover yelp with pain and pleasure.

Color Silver
Material Metal,Silicone
Type Clitoris Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 3.15 in.
Width: 0.79 in.
Weight: N/A

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Steel Tongs Clitoris Clamps

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