Stainless Tongue Flailing Sex Gag
Stainless Tongue Flailing Sex Gag
Stainless Tongue Flailing Sex Gag
Stainless Tongue Flailing Sex Gag

If ball and bite gags don't work anymore, you need to step up your bondage play! What better way to do this than by using gags made of stainless steel? And when looking for such products, this Stainless Tongue Flailing Sex Gag is a perfect choice! It will shut her up once you put it in her mouth.

This devious mouthguard isn't a usual gag. For one, it's made of stainless steel. This material is a popular choice among intermediate and advanced users as it's heavier than silicone, ABS, and other materials used in making gags. It's obviously the hardest, as well. And since it's hefty, it can last a lifetime with proper care and handling.

That's not all; its shape is what also makes this kinky gear unique. Instead of a ball or bone shape, this one is shaped like a butt plug. It has a round, semi-tapered tip body with an anchored base. The body deprives the wearer of speaking once you shove it in her mouth. All she can say is mmmm's—a sound that is music to your ears. Meanwhile, the base covers the user's lips, stopping her from opening her mouth. It also keeps the gag in place, preventing her from swallowing it.

At the sides of this base are two loops where the leather strap is attached. These O-rings aren't just there for nothing, for you can use them for attaching a leash or any bondage tool of your choice for a more intense scene. Meanwhile, the strap ensures comfort, as it's fully adjustable—thanks to the buckle and the holes. You only have to slip the band into the clasp and the tongue into one of the holes for a snug and secure fit.

With all these features, you have no reason to search further than this. Go ahead and get this Stainless Tongue Flailing Sex Gag now!

Color Black
Material Straps – faux leather
Gag – stainless steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Stainless Tongue Flailing Sex Gag

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