Sounding Device | Stainless Steel Masturbator Urethral Sound

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You don't have to tell anyone about your secret. As long as you enjoy every second, you push a plug into your cock, and you feel absolute pleasure, then who cares. We are here to indulge you with another cock-fucking device in the form of our Stainless Steel Masturbator Urethral Sound.

This Lovegasm favourite is another excellent addition to your collection of penis plugs. It features a length of 4.09 inches, and the tip has a 0.35-inch girth while the rest of the shaft measures 0.19-inch. It comes with a ring attached to the tip for easy grip and maneuver.

Be amazed by this plug's amazing silver finish as it is made of the finest stainless-steel. Our quality team made sure that each plug is polished to perfection and that it's smooth for a perfect cock-fucking experience.

For hassle-free urethral gameplay, make sure to clean this stunning device thoroughly. Put it in a pot with some boiling water and use some antibacterial soap. Another important thing is to sanitize your hands and your penis to avoid infection. To start, apply some lubricant on your pee hole and on the shaft of the plug to help with the penetration. Keep a relaxed body and a flaccid cock when you slowly penetrate your penis to avoid tearing your urethral wall. Don't rush because when done properly, you will feel a sudden surge of arousal that will make your cock really hard.

Regardless if you enjoy urethral stimulation during your alone time, or with a partner, this Stainless Steel Masturbator Urethral Sound will take you to great heights when it comes to pleasure. Give in to the urge and add this to your cart now! You can thank us later!

Color Silver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Penis Plug
Dimension (inches) 4.09 x 0.35
Length: 4.09 inches
Width: 0.35, 0.19 inch