Stainless Multi-Frequency Vibrating Penis Plug

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Just because you’re looking for something to bring back the spark into your sex life doesn’t mean you’re getting bored with your partner. The fact that you’re making an effort to make things more exciting should say something about your dedication to your relationship.

So go ahead, check out this Stainless Multi-Frequency Vibrating Penis Plug – chances are you’ll be adding it to your cart before we’ve even finished giving you the rundown of all its wonderful features.

Made of premium quality and hypoallergenic material, this Stainless Multi-Frequency Vibrating Penis Plug will stimulate your prostate and intensify every sexual sensation you already love. Many would describe the feeling of plugging their penis as being stroked from the inside out; however way they put it into words, it’s certainly not something you’d soon forget.

As in all things meant for insertion into body orifices, we recommend washing the Stainless Multi-Frequency Vibrating Penis Plug thoroughly with water and soap before and after every use. Apply plenty of sterile lube to ensure smooth insertion. If you’re unsure how you’d take a metal rod poking around your delicate urethral tissues, try using it alone the first time so that you have full control of everything that’s happening. Once you’ve gotten the hang of urethral stimulation, you can then ask your partner to participate.

This Stainless Multi-Frequency Vibrating Penis Plug comes in three options in two different lengths that you can choose from to suit your preference and level of expertise. The 2 shorter plugs feature a rounded tip while the longer one is a tiny bit pointier with cascading design along its shaft. The vibrations are powered by one AA battery, which is not included when you purchase this exciting new toy.

Make the Stainless Multi-Frequency Vibrating Penis Plug the latest addition to your kinky sex toy collection. Hassle-free and discreet shipping guaranteed on all orders.

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Stainless Steel Sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 7.68-8.59 inches
Width: 0.24 and 0.35 inches