Stainless Jeweled Penis Wand

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Breathtaking, sensational, and elegant, the Stainless Jeweled Penis Wand is here to take your sex adventure to the next level.

Unlike shafts that taper at the tip, this cock-fucker gives you a solid, round tip. You may think it lacks length, but what it lacks is compensated by its width, 0.31” and made more intense by a thick bulge measuring 0.59” wide. It features a fat end that you can easily grip during insertion and retrieval operation. At the bottom of this stout handle, you’ll find a red, pink, or a blue jewel that will certainly add sparkle to your manhood.

Looking at its length, which is nearly 2 inches, it is actually long enough to bring you incredible sensations. Why? The urethral opening is actually a treasure trove of nerve endings waiting to be awakened. Using this penis wand to stimulate these pleasure nerves will surely take you to cloud 9 and beyond!

This creation displays superior workmanship to ensure you get maximum enjoyment and carnal gratification. Crafted from one of the finest rust-resistant metals, stainless steel, you won’t have second thoughts of putting it inside your cock. That’s because stainless steel has no pores where bacteria could breed. Many sex toy lovers also prefer toys made of this metal because it’s been clinically proven hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalates-free.

While it’s great for solo performance, why waste the elegant visual? Enhance intimacy with your partner by letting her work this beauty inside you and showing how great your phallus looks with this dazzling bling. Enchant her and lure her easily into having a mouthful of cock as hard as a rock. With her tongue working on your hardness, you’ll be on the brink of climax. But wait…now that you have both played with your erection long enough, why not let her have her share of fun?

Together, attain the most sublime orgasm that leaves a tingling trail of some delicious decadence. Hit the “Add to Cart" button now and look forward to sexually appetizing foreplays!

Color Silver
Material Stainless steel
Type jeweled penis plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: 1.93”
Width: 0.31”, 0.49”, 0.59”