Stainless Baton-Inspired Hollow Penis Plug
Stainless Baton-Inspired Hollow Penis Plug
Stainless Baton-Inspired Hollow Penis Plug
Stainless Baton-Inspired Hollow Penis Plug

You are here because you are extraordinary. Not only that, you do things above average, but you also seek new ways to enjoy life to the fullest. Our Stainless Baton-Inspired Hollow Penis Plug appeals to you because it complements your lifestyle. It's one of the best Lovegasm products, so you should stick around to find out more about it.

Don't let your cock piercing stay just a mere hole. This penis plug will decorate your beautiful cock while giving you sensations beyond your imagination. Starting with the material used, this prince wand is made of high-quality stainless steel. It's the same material used in surgical equipment, so it's guaranteed safe for internal use. Our quality team makes sure that it's free from bumps from cosmetic imperfections.

This prince wand has a length of 3.14 inches with a 0.31-inch girth. It comes with a removable round cap that may be used for stopping the flow of fluid. Then there is the post which is attached to the shaft that goes to your piercing and locked by a smaller ball to keep the wand in place.

Of course, before you stuff your cock with this penis plug, make sure to sanitize it thoroughly. Boil your Stainless Baton-inspired Hollow Penis Plug in some water and use a generous amount of antibacterial soap. It is also essential to keep your body clean, especially your hands, penis, and around it. Make sure that you are fully flaccid and relaxed before you slowly insert your penis plug with the help of some good-quality lubricant.

Let your personality drive you as you masturbate your way to a quality orgasm with the help of our Stainless Baton-Inspired Hollow Penis Plug. Stop waiting any further and add one to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Prince wands, Hollow penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 3.14 inches
Width: 0.31 inch


Stainless Baton-Inspired Hollow Penis Plug

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